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"Sativah" Herb Mix

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chillax, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, hope all is well.

    I bought an ounce of this packaged product called "Sativah" which includes lettuce opium, mugwort, passionflower, salvia, and some other things. If you google it, you can get the full ingredients.

    I was wondering if anyone has smoked it and what their experiences were like.


  2. Yo shit is getting fucked up. tell us how it goes. Never bought it, or smoked it.
  3. yea ive tried it. If your read the package it isnt meant to get you high or anything. its used to enhance dreaming. The opium lettuce is really what does this.

    My friend bought an oz of this also and a few of my roomates and i smoked this before bed everyday for a week to test it and we all experienced enhanced, more vivid dreams.
  4. No shit huh, how much was it.
  5. Enhanced dreamz sounds good to me, mix like a 1/2 bowl of Sativah and 1/2 of some bud like 2 1/2 hours b4 you go to sleep and i bet your set.
  6. i dont know how much it runs, but we did ^ everyday for a week but it was 4 people so it was more like 2 or 3 bowls of 1/2 herb | 1/2 sativa mix
  7. I smoked mugwort, it works sometimes, funny thing is, I got drunk the day after that and I had really vivid dreams.
  8. I have smoked all of those ingredients in fact. I have made a similar mix myself, its a great thing to add to a smoking session right before you crash and go to sleep. My legs felt like stones and I fell asleep on the ground within minutes of smoking two bowls of a similar mixture (all those ingredients and more lol). I was burning out when I smoked it but, it really put me out, also it gave me some really awesome dreams.
  9. Thanks for the responses.
    I did notice a slight reaction when I smoked it alone.
    It was an extremely mild high that may have been all placebo effect except for:

    -increased immediate sex drive (though I was with my girlfriend, so...)
    -after 2 bowls, I had a hallucination walking down the street where my foot sunk into the concrete. I turned around expecting to find moss in the middle of the sidewalk ... but it was cement. anyway...

  10. ah ... the aprhodisiac was probably the damiana that was in the mix.
  11. enhanced dreams. why that is one crazy thing - does it actually make your dreams different?

  12. ya, it does. The big contributer is mugwort, I take it nearly every day before bed. There was a great description of it on a site I viewed not long ago.

    "Mugwort is most famous for it's use as a "Dream" herb. It is known to enhance dreaming, both in sleep and in Shamanic Journeying and other trance work. It is said to enhance whatever level of dreaming one is developed in. For example, if one can not remember one's dreams, Mugwort will enhance and help the individual to develop this. If one is at the next level of dreaming, cognitive dreaming: (being aware one is dreaming and being able to "manipulate" the dream at will) Mugwort will enhance this.
    The final level is precognitive dreaming; dreaming of future events.
    No matter what level one is dreaming Mugwort will help you to develop your abilities. But beware, for until you become proficient your dreams may, at first, be difficult to deal with. Don't be discouraged; practice makes perfect. If you desire you might study under an experienced Dreamer or Shaman. Keeping a journal would be advantageous.
    I have heard people say that their dreams become "techni-colored" after taking Mugwort."

    The above is an exerpt from
  13. what creeps me out is everyone mixing salvia in these legal buds nowdays... that stuff just isn't ment to be a "kick" for legal highs
  14. well the thing is eyec0n salvia leaf when basically watered down with other mild herbs, you basically do not trip at all but you still get the really fun afterglow that salvia is known for.

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