Sativa yield vs Indica yield question

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  1. Hey guys I have a pretty simple question.What is the difference between sativa and indica in yield?I know sativa produces more, but roughly how much more? 2x 4x?I just finished my first indica dominate grow. With 250 cfl I\tgot (im guessing not all of it is finished drying etc) 2 and a half oz. With the same set up I got a little more than 4 oz with the sativa. Indica flowering time 50 days, Sativa 77 days.Just wanted to figure out how it didSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. Indica yields more is what I've always heard.
  3. That's not always the case but most the time yes a indica will out weigh a sativa. But a lot of these monster gorilla grower strains that you hear about were sativas. Its all about knowing what genetics to get your hands on. If your interested in some good yielding sativa strains look up some stuff with trainwreck in it. The train is known for it commercial yield that's why a lot of people grow it. There's plenty of other great yielding sativas but that one just popped into my head first lol hope I helped.
  4. But the downside in most cases longer flower time too but if you have the patience its not a big deal. Look for some Haze strains too also another good sativa yielder.
  5. Outdoor sativa can get huge.
    Indoor indica wins unless you want to grow a plant half a year then you are not gaining by having some sativa bitch hog the flower room forever.
  6. Yea lol indoor indica wins overall I don't have the patience to wait that long lol.
  7. Even outdoor the indica still usually wins but like I said if you got the right strain a sativa can do just as good. But like me and snoop were sayin that flowering time on most of them is a bitch!
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     if you take advatage of the strain correctly a Sativa dominant could grow anywhere up to 9 -14 feet with massive cola's coming from every branch outdoors
    but indoors could become a problem and need way to much light ect
    Basically a indica dominant would probably yield more indoors where as a Sativa dominant has the capabilite to grow huge outdoors and yield more, so do indica but they grow shorter, so really it's just whatever suits you best
  9. Also along with the plant structure, in general I find sativa buds to be looser. I feel some sativa plants I have grown if I had an indica dominant hybrid in it's place the exact same size and structure, the yield would double from the flower density.
  10. Skunky is right he said basically the same thing as me. But it all really boils down to what your looking for. Research some strains from both familys get what you want grow it if its not all you thought it was gonna be well there's a thing you have to learn when you grow. Now I'm not saying this as for the whole subject of growing. But as far as if you get a strain that's indica sativa whatever it may be. If you have a go through with it and its not what you expected it to be you gotta say fuck it sometimes. But I been doing this along time. I love indicas and sativas both. The yield and mostly everything else is based pretty much on how well you grow the strain. No two strains are the same. :)
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. Pretty helpful. I knew sativa took longer but I didnt know indica produced more, on averageSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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