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Sativa vs. Indica

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by icicle, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I know this is may be a dumb question and I know there is a thread about this somewhere but I didn't find it. I've been smoking for a few months now but I still haven't a satisfactory answer, what is/are the essential differences between sativa strains and indica strains?
  2. head high vs body high dood
  3. as the previous poster said; it is a head vs body high. most smokers cant tell the difference between them unless they have been smoking awhile. the more accustomed you get to smoking and such youll begin noticing different highs if you haven't experienced that already. some strains are also indica and sativa so :)

    enjoy smokin
  4. yea dude, the best high is when you get both sativa and indica. but indica by itself is a more chill experience.
  5. Sativa dominant strains will have more of a "body high", that is to say they don't have so much of the sterotypical high of being "spaced out", jsut sat on a sofa laughing away and watching pointless TV.

    Conversely, Indica dominant strains have more of the "head high", meaning it's more of a mental thing, more of the giggles, more of the "My word, I am zoned".

    The way I picture it is with a body high, things are fun to do, you might be energetic, and you'll enjoy just doing stuff, whether it's playing games or running around or just touching stuff, the "head high" is more of the traditionally pictured, starting a conversation, then forgetting what you're talking about half way through type of high. Head highs also, to my mind, bring on the deep conversations that stoners are renowned for.

    Body High = Doing stuff is more fun.

    Head High = Chatting shit is more fun.

  6. I think you have those a little backwards, dood. :)
  7. yea. its the other way around.
  8. So I do, very sorry, I'm quite drunk right now.

    Keep the descriptions as they are, but switch the labels around.

    Basically Sativa is head high, Indica is body high.

    Once again, apologies, I've drank a lot of scotch tonight :D
  9. Indica's are far inferior to a good sativa.

  10. I think i would agree. Well, except that special "cant-feel-my-face-cant-move" indica that comes around every so often.
  11. It depends on the mood, sometimes an indica can sink me too much, at a party I'm normally social and wanting to actually party. I smoked some indica at a party and all I want to do is lay on the couch, unlike sativas where I'm a chatty kaffy.
  12. usually the bud we get is some kind of mix, so the effects aren't as polarized.

    you can think of it as downers vs. uppers. indica makes you lazy, and less able to do things. if you just want to get stoned and veg out on the couch, indica is better.

    sativa is a clearheaded, energetic feeling. you will want to talk, play videogames, and generally do stuff.

    personally i prefer sativa, by far. indica makes me feel stupid, while sativa enhances my ability to function.

  13. fuckin rep up bro
  14. Thanks, that helps a lot. So the general consensus seems to be a prefrence for sativa. So do you guys have a particular sativa strain that you enjoy more than others? (should this be a new thread?)

  15. i disagree.

    i tried a bomb indica last night and it was the shit.

    i enjoyed chilling playing halo and just thinking to myself much more than beeing all hyper like on sativa.

    if i closed my eyes if i thot of something or doing something, i could see it and feel it clearly.

    and the name of the pipe my brother made came to me.. indica. i was like oh shit when i namd it. it felt epic. then they were bein retarted and sed no and named it like swirling tornadoe or sumthing.

    i was seeing pictures in the wood on the walls too. it was cool.

    and for somereason i was owning in halo.
  16. that was the stuff i had lmao. i had to think if i wanted to move. i thot i was the couch for a moment.
  17. thats the stuff you had? like you only smoked once.
  18. sativa = head high, indica = body high (cough lock)

  19. no lol.

    its what i had the other night.

    if u read the post above i kinda compared it to the sativa i usually end up with
  20. A strong Sativa Dom. satisfies an Indica lover's needs.

    I use to be a hardcore Indica lover, but about a year or two ago, I began to buy Sativa Dom. because I was bored of hybrids and such, and it was a much better experience.

    BUT, it is all about preference. Smoke what you want, as long as you're high, it's alright.

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