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Sativa vs. Indica vs, Hybrid - is there a visual difference?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Grinder12000, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. I suppose I will be told 90% of strains are REALLY Hybrid.

    The reason I ask is being from Wisconsin I really have one choice and it's whatever the dude has which is always nameless. I wonder if it is Mostly Indica? which is cheaper to produce? IF I posted a photo of a bud could a person tell if it was mostly Sativa vs. Indica.

    For 45 years I have had ONE choice - now that wife and I are road tripping to Denver a new world has opened up! Comments? Suggestions? Opinions?
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    Bud is bud. the part you smoke doesn't look different when its indica or sativa. one gives couch lock, other racing thoughts. Name-calling is pointless, often the very same strain called by many names by compiting legal vendors. street dealers don't know what they sell, they call it whatever name is trending on internet right now. Have Fun in Colorado! Try everything!
  3. Sativa vs Indica:
    Sativa marijuana plants

    The taller counterpart to the Indica variety is the Sativa
    variety. This marijuana plant matures more slowly, has increased
    accessory pigments over Indica, and they have a bit less chlorophyll.
    This lack of chlorophyll creates a plant that grows more slowly, matures
    more slowly and requires additional light. These marijuana plants can
    grow from 6 feet (180 cm) to 25 feet (7.5 m) or occasionally more. Most
    marijuana plants grow between 8 and 12 feet (240 and 360 cm).The leaves
    are thin and long, a pale green color and more yellow pigment than other
    varieties of marijuana plant. This is due to most varieties coming from
    near the Equator, where extra protection from the sun is a must. This
    variety of marijuana plant has long branches, with a reach of 4 or more
    feet (120 cm) from the main stalk. The shape is similar to that of a
    Christmas tree. The buds from this marijuana plant are also thin and
    long, and much more sparse than its counterpart, the Indica. Most
    growers report a purple stoma when this plant is grown in a colder
    climate and a red or orange stoma when grown in a hotter climate. Your
    marijuana plants can mature during many different times. Some varieties
    that have low THC levels can mature between August and September, while
    other, higher THC level varieties don't mature until November through
    January. Increased amounts of light will help these marijuana buds swell
    up and thicken with resin. Decreased light, such as what is found over
    most of the UK, will return skimpy or thin buds, but the resin is
    usually quite potent. The buds themselves smell almost fruity, like an
    Apple pie, and they are heavily perfumed. The smoke is easy to inhale
    with a smooth finish.


    Most species of indica have a short stature, an early maturation and a
    bushier look to them. They also have increased chlorophyll and less of
    the pigment that helps to protect the plants from too much sun, called
    accessory pigments. The increased amount of chlorophyll can help this
    variety of marijuana plant mature and grow more quickly. The mature size
    of an indica marijuana plant is typically under 6' (180 cm) tall and
    almost never get over 8' (240 cm). This variety produces leaves that are
    short and wide, with a bit of purple at the edges of the deep green
    centers. When an indica marijuana plant reaches maturity, you will often
    notice an increase in purple on the leaves. The short branches will be
    thick and heavy with marijuana buds. The maturity of this plant usually
    occurs around early September. The buds will be any color between dark
    green and purple, similar to the leaves themselves. If your plant was
    grown during colder conditions, you will see even more color on the
    leaves and buds. The buds on this variety of marijuana plant have a more
    difficult time reaching maturity if the climate is too cold, so it does
    not always grow well in Northern climates or higher elevations. Buds of
    indica marijuana often smell like horrible body odor and most smoke
    from them will induce coughing, but a good Indica will give you a
    relaxing social style high. This means you will not be analyzing your
    entire experience but rather increasing your senses within your

    Crossbreed marijuana plants

    When we say crossbreed, we mean a grower took two totally
    different strains of marijuana plant and bred them together. The grower
    is trying to combine optimal growing characteristics. The pollen comes
    from the male and the flowers from a different variety of female combine
    to make the new hybrid. Consider the combination of a Sativa that grows
    incredibly tall and an Indica that has incredible taste and outstanding
    yields. This will produce younglings that share some characteristics.
    The true-breed strains can either be:

    Pure marijuana breeds:

    These are species that have only ever been bred with similar
    varieties of marijuana plant so all of the genes are nearly identical.

    Or stabilized hybrids:

    Hybrids were created by specific growers that wanted specific
    characteristics, and then inbred for numerous generations until the
    grower was consistently able to get the same characteristics from each
    generation of seeds. An F1 will denote a seed or marijuana plant that
    has two parents who are true-breeders. This means the offspring will not
    have exact characteristics to either parent but they will share some
    similarities. Occasionally marijuana seed varieties will be bred
    hundreds of times in a row in an attempt to create the perfect strain of
    hybrid marijuana seeds. The overall shape that a hybrid's leaf will
    have is totally dependent on the ratio of Indica and Sativa in the

    The high of a crossbreed

    The high you get from a hybrid will depend on how much Indica
    and Sative each plant has in it. When both varieties are used, both
    highs will be represented. One example would be the energy from a Sativa
    combining with the body buzz from an Indica variety of marijuana plant.
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    So jainaG - your answer is "no" then.

    Torontonian - I would LIKE to try everything but then I would remember nothing! I only have a few days so . . . . . . . .I need to make what I do count!
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    There really is no 100% way to be sure. You can only get a general idea at the very most.

    Even if the plants are all hybrids, some are way less balanced than others. So sativa dominant nugs are usually more on the funky fluffy looking side because the buds grow more spaced out on a lanky plant. Indica nugs are more round and dense because they grow on a short stocky plant.

    But yeah the only time i would actually guess a bud is indica without smoking it is if the nugs are like rock hard with lots of purple on it lol.

    Does the weed you've been getting make you sleepy at all? If it does only slightly it's probably a hybrid, if it almost makes you want to nod out then it's mostly indica lol.
  6. most of the characteristics have already been mentioned.

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  7. however: since marijuana affects us each differently, what makes me energetic may make you lethargic, and viceversa...
  8. while most visual differences are gone by the time it is in bud for some do still remain.

    Most buds are hybrid so alot of it comes down to the grow process to and harvest times to determine what traits come through.

    Buds with darker orange/amber pistols (meaning they have been left longer till harvest) are often indica dominant and produce a couch lock effect and those with whiter pistols (meaning earlier harvest) are often more mind stimulating producing sativa effects.

    This is more a general rule though is pretty reliable based on the fact that 99% of weed are hybrids. IF you did have a 100% sativa I don't think delaying harvest would very much or at all bring on indica like effects in the weed. But that is very uncommon / impossible.

    Other visible signs,

    - shade of green ( lighter is usually sativa)
    - compactness of the buds ( sativa is often lighter and less dense and I find sativa to be quick dense and compact

    Theres my two cents anyway, it's not just in the leaves.

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