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Sativa vs Indica - is there really a difference?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SkyHy, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. I've been blazin for about a year now. I admit I haven't paid a great deal of attention to the differences in high but they generally seem the same to me. Although perhaps its because hybrids are all similar, so maybe I have to smoke pure indica and sativa to really see a difference or am I wrong in asusming this - Maybe there isn't really a difference. Anyone know?
  2. Indica- couchlock sativa- more of an energetic high
  3. Yeah there is a difference. I'm pretty sure the difference lies in the cbd/thc ratio. Indica has a higher cbd to thc ratio whereas sativa has a higher thc to cbd ratio.
  4. The highs from different marijuana strains can differ greatly. :wave:

    But in simple terms:

    Indica - Body high
    Sativa - Cerebral High

    It's more in-depth than this but I'm not an expert and I'm trying to keep it simple.
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    There is a significant difference between the Indica and Sativa plant species but also tons more differences between the thousands of strains around from both. Indica is known to give you more of a physical relaxed, happy and sleepy high where Sativa provides more of a nice strong, happy head high and also puts you more in the conversational mood with friends I find, tossing around all the crazy things you think about when high. There are also many other different effects that certain strains offer compared to others. Both species are great and have there purpose!:smoke:
  6. Huge differance.
    I hate how sativa makes me feel.
  7. For me..
    Sativa- heart racing, mind racing..wakes me up. Great for wake n bake
    Indica- Couch lock, feels like my feet/legs are incredibly warm and overall feeling of warmth..great for pre-bed smoke

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