Sativa strain growing too big in polytunnel / greenhouse. Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by anchoriticmisanthrope, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Hi,
    Not sure who to ask this, putting it out there, hopefully someone can help..

    I've planted this mostly sativa plant in my polytunnel amidst a load of tomato plants. Usually I used to grow a plant indoors under lights, had more control, but I decided to take advantage of the old man's garden for this year's grow. Anyway, to cut a long story short, here we are about 6 weeks into it and the plant now stands at over 6ft... not good, poly tunnel only about 8ft tops.
    So does anyone have any suggestion as to how to control it? Is it too late to top or fim? Or is my only choice bending it carefully in some sort of lst?

    Also, can I remove lower branches at this stage too? Basically I'm looking to stop it growing into a monster!

    Any and all wise suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks guys.

    Here's some pics of it. The first two were from about a week and a half ago. The last one is from an hour ago. As you can see, it's gone up a foot and a half, maybe two in that time.. photo 1.JPG photo 3.JPG photo.JPG
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  2. Top or aggressive super crop is what Im thinking... Are those tomatoes? I like your style! lol
    But yea maybe some more experience people have some better ideas...
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  3. Top it. Whatever you do it is going to be a monster when it flowers. You can take as much as you need off the top. If you start bending branches or LSTing the plant it will just get bigger and bushier. Looks nice!

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  4. Cheers guys, yeah, it's grown another 6 inches the last couple of days, it won't stop, haha! So, can I top it by taking off a good bit, like maybe a foot (a couple of nodes and sun leaves)? Maybe more? Will it recover ok?
  5. It will definitely be fine. Cannabis is a really hardy plant especially in the sun.
  6. Bend it over slowly, as it grows and train it horizontally. ++more space next time, looks good, but crowded
  7. youre bragging. momma taught me not to brag. now im jealous. you suck. bwaaaahaaaaaa
  8. So, a month and a half later and disaster I think. I've started a new job and so haven't been able to keep and eye on this grow, I've left it to my Dad, haha, and he's more just a tomato and carrots guy.

    After cutting off about a foot and a half of the main trunk just after I last posted, the plant has just rocketed up and out. The trunk is now probably about 6 inches thick and it's so tall that most of the branch tops are puching up against the top of the poly-tunnel. Technically it was meant to flower and be harvested by the end of July, at least that's what the seed packet said, but I presume that was the time frame for an indoor, light-controlled grow.

    Anybody got any idea whether this plant will still flower even though it has run out of upward space? It has developed a few white pistils on most bud sites but they've been like that for about 3 weeks now.

    Any thoughts?
    photo 2.JPG photo-1.jpg photo-3.jpg
  9. I'd trim her down your going to have issues with mold with the top colas touching the plastic. Has it stopped the flower strech? If you can be for you cut the tops off tie some strings around the branches and try to bend them down and get some anchors to hold them be easy try not to snap any stems
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  10. If you can get them far enough away from the plastic no need to cut
  11. Holy shit lol, you defiantly need to bend her over, it's grown straight into it haha. Looks great though. Watch out for mold at the top, hopefully you got it tied by now. I'd do some major roping and lst next time !
  12. What did you do about this. I’d love to hear how u handled this.

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  13. Old thread, I know. It's only one plant in a pot so why not just dig a hole about two feet deep and plunk her down in there. Instant headspace.
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