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  1. I had a power outage last night and went ahead and took my 17-18 week old sativa. It is covered in foxtails ,the trichomes were cloudy but with all the foxtail coverage it was hard to get a read on em (they were cloudy on the foxtail leaves)and during pruning I found a SEED! There are no signs of hermie and I looked but couldnt find another seed,of course it will be a month or so before I know if theirs more but I dont think so. My room has produced nothing but sinse as there hasnt been any males or hermies in it. It is a CFL grow and i was hoping to keep a sativa in the corner and harvest one for every 2 indica harvests. LOL! but there was 1 seed on top of a foxtail on a lower bud???? What a day! The power went out last night and disturbed the light cycle so i figured extra dark, was gonna cut her anyway so I just went ahead and am glad i did now. I have seen good females go a little far and produce a seed or 2,could that be the case here? Thanks
  2. i am completely confused by your question/statement, but congrats on the harvest. got pics?
  3. Sorry, I read it now after only a couple bowls and it confuses me to! LOL!
    OK, I was trying to find out how one seed got in my sativa. I have had really good luck with females and I have not seen any seeds out of about 3 grows. But this is a heavy sativa it was actually 18 weeks old,it looked ready to harvest about 4 or 5 weeks ago but I wanted more amber trichomes so I let it keep going. Well it started foxtailing and I have pics that i will TRY to upload as it is a very pretty CFL Sativa! I had done tied it to a stake on its two main stems and the colas were so heavy they just swayed like they were gonna break off so I scoped and cut. As far as my single seed,it does worry me but I think it's where it flowered soooo long. I mean the last 6 weeks ALL the leaves came off so I didnt have to manicure cause you cant get those little leaves behind the foxtails and who would want to,they look like sparkling diamonds(I love that look). Anyway,their are a lot of different opinions on rogue seeds and it seems impossible without hermie or male pollen but IDK?
  4. i had a skunk strain that was sativa dominate and if i would let them go too far, they would produce a male flower or 2 up inside where i couldn't see it. it was a bag seed so i don't really know the correct genetics.
  5. [quote name='"naturelover74"']"I am "Role Playing"! I feel COOL coming on a site like this and posting FALSE statements and FALSE pics I find on the net. This is Fantasy Role Playing."[/quote]

    ....NOOOO, is this all lies?!?!?!?!?!?!
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    heres pics,not close enough though. It had 2 main stems so 2 colas that were pretty much the same.

  7. I can't help it,I am a compulsive liar. LOL! ;)
  8. You said you have had no males in your room and cannabis cant make seeds without pollen. I would say you had a pollen sack or two form and pop somewhere.
  9. it was a small white,undeveloped seed. I looked very closely with a glass for a pollen sac and I visually inspect my plants several times daily. Also I have a flowering room and a veg room so I can stagger harvests,I cut one a month well 2 in November counting this sativa and there were no seeds on any of the others. I have 2 more clones in now so IF theres pollen there will be seeds at least a few in a few weeks,I will post the results cause I have went to a LOT of trouble to keep pollen out but it happens. Hope it was a fluke. Love your Avatar! Gish is my fav SP album!
  10. \
    yeah, I read numerous posts last night with the same situation and it wasn't pollen so all I can do is hope it didnt but if it does ,the seeds will be a good indica/sativa strain. I will repost as soon as my others let me know. Thanks guys!:hello:
  11. Some strains if unpollinated, and especially if allowed to go long in flowering unpollinated, can develop a few stray seeds as a survival mechanism even without any males or hermies to pollinate it. The seeds are essentially "clones" of the plant since there is no other source for its genetics.

    Don't worry about it.
  12. nature lover is it your first grow?
  13. No, I have done a few. But not all clones like my current grow so just trying to learn how to do some good quality personal:smoke:

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