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  1. I dont want HPS they are gay. If i wanted to burn 400W of electric each day i could find better ways to waste electric mate. I also do not want to force my plants to grow like you do with HPS or HID

    Its fluorescents or bust :hello:
  2. Pay absolutely no attention to the equivalent watts of CFLs. That is for reference only and does not indicate the bulb's wattage. You have a 32w bulb, not 130w.

    It may be all you can afford, but that does not make it adequate. No one is dissing you, but the truth is the truth.
  3. Regardless your gonna be running up a bill with the electric company...
    If your doing it right you should add more lights as you go and it will quickly add up.

    Well son if you don't have the money to support a illegal grow op then wait.
    Regardless your going to end up putting more money into this grow then you think,Your electric will go up,the lights,nuets,frets,soil, all add up.

    Also, with HPS and MH lights you get much more bud per watt then you would a CFL.
    CFLs are a quick and simple way to grow weed without throwing alot down at once,They are not the best way to grow weed,and won't produce what a HPS or MH could.

    As for forcing plants to grow...What are you getting at?
    Any light source is forcing a plant to grow..

    If you want to grow weed you need to do a good bit of searching,You don't have the slightest clue on what to do and advice just rolls off you becuase you for some reason feel as if you know weed growing to the T.

    Im on my 2nd grow ever and can say I know enough but have only scratched the surface of growing weed,I have many years of trails ahead of me to perfect growing.
  4. I guess half of you are high on pot when you read my post.
    Because i said the plants have enough nuets to last them 6 weeks which is
    the time is takes from start to finish with lowryders and top44

    They have enough light. Thats all the light they will be getting which is more then enough for TWO plants.

    Most peopel grow under a 125W growlux and it works fine mine is like a 130W plus i have growlux tubes on the way

    So tell me did you even bother to read my posts properly?

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    I did,and time release nuets are a no no.

    Regradless looks like you got a stringy mess of weed on your hands,at day 8 they look like my sprouts on day 2.By day 8 Im already looking at 3 sets of leafs.All I can say is enjoy growing your 1/8th of bud.Youll look back and think of how much time and money you just wasted kiddo.

    Best of luck:smoking:

    Edit:Kid you just can't take the truth?How mant people have made it clear that the "130W" is actually only 32 watts. A 32 watt CFL wouldn't grow one plant....not even close.We aren't lying to you,You asked for help and just don't want to listen cause your a know it all I guess.
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    I most definitely read your posts. That is where I learned you are using a 32w bulb. That is also where I learned that your mind is stuck on the equivalent watts of 130, even though that is not the wattage of the bulb.

    The equivalent watts is a marketing gimmick. Pay no attention to that wattage. What that really is trying to say is "this CFL bulb, which consumes 32w electricity per hour, is rated at approximately the same lumens as does an incandescent household bulb that consumes 130w electricity per hour."

    You absolutely, positively cannot consider that bulb you have to be 130 watts in the sense that growers talk about watts from lights. So I cannot say this more emphatically, YOU DO NOT HAVE A 130W BULB, YOU HAVE A 32W BULB.

    Look man, we're trying to help you. You are on here seeking input and advice, perhaps you should open yourself to listening to it. If you don't have the resources to pull off a decent grow that's understandable, a lot of people are in that situation, but there are certain things the plant needs and you gotta provide or it just won't thrive. If I could wave a magic wand that allowed the plant to thrive on that 32w bulb then I would, but we're stuck with the hard realities of what the plant actually needs. G'luck.
  7. Fair enough then tell me whats the cheapest and safest thing too use that i can leave on all day and i can buy for $60 that can make it grow enough.

    Bear in mind i can only use something with a plug on it that will plug in to a wall socket.

    At the moment i have 2000 lumens with that 32w bulb.
    Which is more then the flo that i use
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    Nice spam
  9. Go to Walmart and Buy a 6 pack of 23W 6500k CFLs thats 16 bucks, get 3 y-spliters also so at 0.92 each.

    6X23=138 Watts
    Almost 150 watts
    Good enough to grow 2 plants my friend

    For under 20 bucks
  10. what would i need to grow 5 that i have
  11. Use LST or Scrog to maximize what you have. Buy more 23-27 watt bulbs.
    You really don't want any of the leaves or flowers to be farther than 6" from the nearest screw in CFL.

    Have you thought about odor control? 5 plants can put out quite a stink.
  12. Iv had advice from someone that grows tropical plants and they say the lumes do not matter as much as the type of light that the bulbs give off.
    They said unless i want to force the plants to grow then a growlux would do fine.
    I am going to splash out $10 on another fitting and wham another growlux so i have two x 2 foot growlux tubes in there. This should grow my crop. By grow i mean not forcing it too grow with the kind of lights that use 200w - 600w

    I do not care how long my plants take to grow. If i get a small crop then that is fine.

    I do not know how i will control the smell but i think i will put a seal on the outside of the door to stop the smell leaving the room if it doesn't well i enjoy the smell i could sniff it all day and there are no neighbours around or passers by out in the sticks.

    I think my two growlux will do the job yes sir. If they gorw a bunch of normal tropical plants they will grow MJ.
  13. Taken out of context, that's a pretty accurate statement.

    Umm...... the whole point of growing cannabis yourself is to maximize it's 'Potential'. You're not forcing anything, you're just creating the optimum environment for it to grow nice big heavy yields instead of scraggly trash it would normally grow in a ditch somewhere.
    Your 'friend' doesn't grow cannabis and isn't thinking in that direction. If you want to grow a pretty cannabis plant, you'll have plenty of light. If you wan't to produce some actual buds you can do something with, you'll need a LOT more light.

    You'll have a couple grams to harvest. It will look pretty and that's about it. It WILL give you a good idea of how well cannabis grows under low light conditions though. :)

    It will take the same amount of time. You'll probably have a gram or two. The time release nutes in the soil will make it difficult to get over that much.

    Don't try to seal the door. If you're in the sticks, don't worry about it. You'll just have a stinky house.

    No one ever said they wouldn't grow plants. Just doesn't do that great compared to what you could get with CFLs for the same price.

    When you spend another 6 months to a year at this you'll start to appreciate all the good advice that people have tried to give you. Unless you recognize it though, it doesn't help. (obviously)

    Good luck with your grow and please continue to read, your ladies will appreciate it in the future.
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    You'll get much better results if you take that cash and just buy 23-27w bulbs and cheap 1$ fixtures. Look for a 5$ bathroom vanity fixture that holds 3-5 bulbs and get splitters.

    One bulb like that is inefficient. I would keep a couple mums under that but wouldn't flower with it unless it was one plant in a tiny space.

    220W of PL-L lamps (3000K for flowering), sockets and a fulham workhorse 8 ballast is only $100 at

    No reflector but it's way more than enough light for your 5 plants if you use Scrog or LST on them to control height. :)
  16. Did you actually write that??

    yes, yes you did :(

    Equal rights for homosexual lighting!!!
  17. I got a good set of lights now. Cost me next to nothing and the stuff if growing fast under 24 hours of light when its time to flower i will go 12/12

  18. :laughing:
  19. Just to clarify, CFL lighting requirements (100 watt per plant or per sq. foot rule of thumb) is referring only to the actual wattage, you should never even pay attention to equivalent incandescent wattage.

    So you didn't have 200 watts, you only had 40.

    Read Kamel's CFL guide sticky if you haven't already, and good luck.

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