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Sativa or indica?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Tommywagz, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Which do you guys perfer?
  2. Hybrids :metal:
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  3. Indicas for sleep, rarely sativas or sativa hybrids during the day.
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  4. Yes.
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  5. Well it's more Indicas then Sativas, I say Indica though I turn on some chopped and screwed music and just float...
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  6. Pure sativa is practically non-existent, I would think, outside of countries that can grow it naturally, outdoors.
  7. Indica all the way to relax, heal and feel good
    sativas tend to make me more anxious, putting thoughts in overdrive, more paranoia and less relaxation

    if you're a fast moving/talking person, go indica, and if you're slow mover/lazy go sativa
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  8. If i had to choose one then hybrid..

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  9. Hybrids are preferable for me. Indica dominants are good if I'm carrying a lot of stress. Sativa dominant if I'm bored. Anything in between with good genetics and grown is also cool too. I had a strain called choco chunk that tasted like real chocolate...I have no idea which it was but I enjoyed the smoking experience which is paramount...and it was memorable...

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  10. Depends usually a heavy indica but if I have something to do I usually keep a few grams of a sativa around, hybrids are good too though.
  11. I personally like Indicas because I can pass out in my chair or on a floaty while tanning.
  12. Getting going in the morning is the most challenging thing in life for me. Even having discovered coffee, it wakes me up sure, but doesn't help me "get going". Sativas accomplish this end for me almost like a miracle.

    Hybrids don't unless it's Sativa dominant, which is why I specifically consume sativa only strains for that purpose. It's MUCH harder to come by, which is why I do large buys when I find it and keep it only as a tool/rare treat

    Indicas for sleepies or when I'm a little too manic.

    Hybrids for everything in between.
  13. Indica for pain or when you need to calm down, de-stress and relax
    Sativa for when you need some uplifting/motivation or occasional party or catch up with friends and get into deep philosophical talks ect..
  14. I vape for Anxiety and I definitely have a
    preference for Indica. They just help me
    way more. Even when I was in Amsterdam
    and could get different varieties I pretty much
    stuck with Indicas.
  15. Sativas (or heavily leaning ones) hands down. Fantastic for pain and motivational. Who wants to sit on a couch for hrs? Not me!
  16. I second him.
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  17. Sativa for the day
    Hybrid early evening
    Indica for night time

    If I had to chose one, I would go with indica, but hybrid close second.
  18. you must have a balanced ECS!
  19. What does ECS stand for?:smiley-rolling-joint:
  20. endocannabinoid system... it is the system from which all the effects from cannabis ingestion are realized... a neuro-modulatory lipid signalling system
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