Sativa Or Indica?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bigjoshman, May 29, 2013.

  1. Which do you prefer? And why? I think I prefer sativa when I want to have a fun time and be more social. Obviously Indica has its benefits as well especially with relaxing when a pain might be bothering you
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  3. Indica all day, couch lock and sleepy eyes are things I enjoy!
  4. Sativa! I hate the laziness and couch lock I get from Indicas. I'm all about getting a great head high and working on music, being active and outside, etc.
  5. Sativas ftw. Whenever I smoke a dank indica at night, I feel like falling asleep asap and that's not what I had in mind....
  6. Indica. I am anxiety prone so Sativa sets me off like a rocket.
  7. If im out I prefer indica cuz it chills me out, and just numbs my body..feels amazing when your locked into a chair having a conversation ahaha.

    I like sativas mostly while blazing at my pad during the makes TV and everything else really intense and interesting lol.

    I like both of em equally. I've been through phases of preferring one, and grown out of both and came to the conclusion that they both have their amazing qualities that I appreciate equally.
  8. Which one gives you the body buzz feeling and the intense "whoa" mindset?
    Whichever that is it get's my vote.
  9. I prefer a hybrid.
  10. I smoke sativas for a concert or a baseball game or a hike in the woods or a fireworks show. I smoke indicas when I have insomnia.
  11. I generally prefer sativas as I am a lot more motivated and can just go about my day as if I was sober. I do like being couch locked every so often though :D
    Indicas are great for insomnia too!
  12. equal to me I mix it up... but if I had to say Indica is what I usually roll with because I mostly toke in the evening. However when I go out I use sativas or if I wake n bake
  13. Hybrids man. Hey honestly you're happy on both
  14. I really don't know.  I know I like Sativa and hybrids but as far as I know I've never experienced any pure Indica.  That is why I'm growing Original Afghani #1 now.
  15. I love both, it depends entirely on the situation. If I'm going to a concert and want to groove out I'll smoke sativa dominants. But if I'm just killing time infront of the computer I don't mind a strong indica. Indica is a must for when I get sick as well, I'll just get so high that I can sleep most of the day and then smoke more and keep sleeping resulting in a quick recovery.
  16. To be honest it would have to be sativas because the high is much more unique but to be fair I only smoked indica once and that was when a dealer gave me a .5g sample of some Master Kush wasn't to impressed but that's just my opinion

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  17. it depends on my mood!
  18. But honestly there really are few strains that'll give you couch lock.

    And who knows what you're smoking there are no 100% Indicas or sativas

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