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Sativa or Indica??? Please help!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stoned_soldier, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. I feel kinda dumb asking this but I'll have to find out somehow. What is the difference between Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica? Is it how it looks? smells? tastes? feels??? grows differently? I read on these boards that Sativa is a better high. Can somebody help me out? maybe with pictures; that would help me out.

  2. Sativa is loose leafy bud this is thinking bud.

    Indica is more compact type of bud this is sleepy bud.
  3. only problem with sativas is they need more room to grow, and are a usually a more streatchy plant.
  4. Mmmm Sativa
  5. are they STRAINS of cannabis?
  6. personally i like both, but NL is one of my favorites, and its almost pure indica, then again, power plant is also one of my favorites and its almost pure sativa, so i have no fucking clue:p
  7. I think they are both species of cannibis. There is cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis. No one smoke ruderalis because of it's low THC count. And you can find pics by searching the picture post forum of this site. Grasscity keeps us from posting multiple copies of one picture so if you find it on another page it's hard to post here.
  8. I know what Ruderalis is... they grow really fast but are weak so people try to mix them with sativa or indica. (Thank you Cannabis Culture magazine) Anyways, that sort of helped me. I was wondering because I always get my weed from this one guy and it's good so I wanted to know if I could identify it somehow (not the strain, that's like impossible unless it's white or purple, I dunno...blah).
  9. wait, so STRAINS of cannabis such as white widow, purple haze, etc. are different because they are differen mixes of sativa and indica?
  10. yes and no. There is more than one pure sativa strain and more than one pure indica strain. Some strains are stronger than others. Now people have been mixing them to get the desired qualities.
  11. yes. true.

    the global cannabis genetics varies, as does anything.

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