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Sativa or Indica for music?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Crunge, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. What do you like better for listening to music?

    I personally like Indica. The body buzz is great for for "feeling the music", you know?

    But on the other hand, Sativa is great for figuring out shit about the music. I can visualize how it's being played.
  2. Indica all the way man, music is much more intense when you can really connect with it.

    Also that looks like a swastika in your display picture - just sayin.
  3. it is.
  4. Indica is for the music.
  5. Damn man, your pushing boundaries.
  6. It's hindu... not german. :rolleyes:
  7. Sativa for classic rock and metal

    Indica for downtempo electronica
  8. cannabis in general goes great with music. as long as its good bud i wouldnt discriminate. if im making music then i probably want a 70/30 sativa dominant (anything but a heavy indica) but if im just listening to music then pretty much anything will do lol.
  9. Sativas are better to me for music especially somthing like Jimi Hendrix or Metallica. My highschool days consisted mostly smoking trainwreck or some haze and rocking out and re-listening guitar solo's. Indicas are good too but better for somthing a little slower tempo like some Mac dre or wiz khalifa or kanye.
  10. I like to smoke cannabis while listening to music.
  11. It depends on what im doing, and what mood im in. If im cruisin up to daytona beach for the day with friends jammin on the highway i want a sativa. If were all just chillin out at my place or theirs itd be an idica for me.
  12. so what are you saying is the difference of the origin? symbol is a symbol no matter where its put

  13. It's a symbol of peace, go educate yourself

    Swastika - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. This:[​IMG]

    and this:[​IMG]

    have two VEEEERRRRY different meanings.

    One is a couple thousand years old, and the other is only 70 years old.
  15. Can we stay on topic? Lol.
  16. Honestly it doesnt matter to me. I would be equally happy with either
  17. Now that I thought more about it, I usually like indica when just chilling to music, but if I'm making music, either by myself or with friends, sativa is the go-to.
  18. Sorry, but people need to be educated.
  19. True. Now they shall know. :cool:
  20. the nazis stole that symbol from the hindus.

    ironically it meant peace and love.

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