sativa or indica for getting immersed into a movie?

Discussion in 'General' started by BlazeLE, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. was planning on watching avatar tonight for the first time and i wanted to do it baked of course. my question whats generally better for watching movies indica or sativa? right now i only have sativa (lambs breath) and i dont i rarely get sativas where i live so havent had much of a chance to experiment with them. and i want to make the most out of watching avatar because from what ive been told its pretty amazing, especially baked.
  2. doubt.
  3. yea sometimes i can't concentrate on the film for shit, my mind is just too alive it won't shutup lol. it's entertaining but not good for getting immersed in a story. is that more of a sativa thing?
  4. Indica lol. Whenever i smoke a sativa i end up going into my own little world lol
  5. i could never follow a story line in a movie while smoking.everytime it changes scenes its like a whole new movie lol
  6. i wish i had some indica. my guy better pick some up before i buy my ounce. im not digging the sativa as much. i prefer a nice heavy body high from indica. i love just melting to my chair.
  7. 70/30 indica dominant
  8. Same here. My dealer loves sativa's though so I've been getting stuff like c99, strawberry cough, blue dream lately. The heaviest strain I smoked recently was og kush. I had that when I picked up the c99 and what a total opposite the og is.

    For me indicas are better for watching movies. I can concentrate better.

  9. how was the C99? my other guy just picked some up. thats what really ticks me off, both my guys have sativas right now...
  10. Ohhh thats a tough one man! indica is my personal preference but sativa would be just as good of a choice in my eyes! jus grab your munch, smoke up and watch avatar maaannnnnn :)
  11. Indica will be like a "woahhhh" type high

    Sativa will be more "watch 10 minutes of movie and end up outside exploring" type high

  12. yeah, i greatly prefer indica. one of the main reasons i smoke is to just chill and forget everything. plus couch lock is amazing.
  13. Indica, with Sativa you might over-analyze the movie and notice the fake screening.
  14. personally, i feel like mixing a sativa dom and an indica dom strain before a movie is perfect. Like 70 indica weed and 30 sativa weed. This way im couchlock but at the same time the movies seems more trippy. I know if i smoke a heavy indica with no sativa i either fall asleep or munch for the most of the movie, and if i smoke a sativa dom i get bored in like 20 minutes
  15. [quote name='"BlazeLE"']

    yeah, i greatly prefer indica. one of the main reasons i smoke is to just chill and forget everything. plus couch lock is amazing.[/quote]

    Definitely agree with this

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