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Sativa or Indica for first time.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by litchillz, Jul 21, 2017.

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    Im going to be smoking weed for my first time with one of my best friends. I have smoked weed before but have not gotten high, I think this time I will. Anyways, im going to be smoking at a skatepark, so should I use indica or sativa? REMEMBER: IM GOING TO BE AT A SKATEPARK
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  2. Always smoke Sativa

    but grow Indica

    you may need to ask if a skate park with kiddies is the place for you..?
  3. Im going to a forest close to the skatepark, and im going on a weekday, and usually theres no one there
  4. take oleas and mtn dew for muchies
  5. I would say sativa as it is usually a more creative and active high. Indicas can be more body or couch lock type highs and are better for end of the day and tv/ sleep imo. With the way hybrids are today you can end up with a mix of both. Also, everyone's chemistry is different so what you experience will be specific to you. I love smoke that makes my friend paranoid and his hart race. We just get different highs.
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  6. Sativa might make u paranoid/anxious IF it's ur first time... I would go with indica.
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  7. Indica for a skater.

    Sativa will either induce overconfidence and make you eat shit or have you trip balls on a paranoia mindtrap.

    My .02
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  8. i heard indica will make u fall asleep on ur first time or something. And how do you skate with couch lock?
  9. You only get couch lock if you are already sitting down with a mound of food ready to gorge your face in front of a TV. When you are in motion an indica will keep you on your feet, trust. I've smoked weed for about 11 years and only skated for the last 3 years consistently. Indica all the way.
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  10. Indica for a first time...Can't really go wrong. If you do go wrong for some reason...Sativa is around the corner.

    They're pretty different tbh, don't try one and think you weed is just not for you though.
  11. This is so great! In 1968 I was purchasing my first $5 "matchbox" of whatever weed was available.
    Whatever you do, enjoy, mate.
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  12. Indica, so you don't have to worry about paranoia. The couch-lock thing is really only if you smoke a ton, and stay stationary. You're probably not going to nod off if you're moving around and staying active. Bring an energy drink or some coffee if you're really worried about it.
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  13. I think sativa is a way better choice for your first time but it really doesn't matter THAT much. You're gonna get high af either way on your first time lol. Also, if you are prone to anxiety more then maybe consider getting indica
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  14. To be honest your not even gonna know he difference. Anything will work, you just wanna get high for the first tiem

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  15. For your first high, I would say indict because it's not so overwhelming and mental. But sativas are so much better latter on.

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  16. I'll compromise and say a hybrid 60/40 leaning towards Indica

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