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Sativa > Indica

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mango733, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Confirm/Deny :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. Mostly confirm, but in reality, I love all weed, and a good indica is nice to enjoy once in a while. I do prefer sativa though.
  3. i definately prefer sativa on a day to day basis, but once in a while i gotta have a nice heavy indica to get fucked up:D preferably at night time
  4. when im with people sativa is a little better but by yourself defanately indica
  5. i love couch lock!
  6. opposite

  7. agree, just not at night. gotta be some kushy shit to knock ya the fuck out.

    during the day, i much prefer the shit-eating grin and mind-racing high that are associated with sativa buds though....

  8. love them both equally as well as a mix of the two
  9. wat are they?
  10. Sativas all day!
    Sativas give more of a head high, Indicas give more of a body high.
  11. #12 tyrone biggums, Jan 27, 2009
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    indica > sativa in almost every fashion.
    super relaxing, good for chronic pain and usually better yields. win win win.

    i dont like to feel anxious when i smoke dank.. thats what sativa dominate strains do to me. gotta mix high cbd indicas with high thc sativas a lot lately because the lack of dank indicas floating around :( gotta conserve the kush :\

    i have like a half g of kush im waiting to smoke with this jack flash im getting in a little bit... wnna smoke now but it would be a waste in comparison... :LJKJGKJDAISHkj ;/
  12. Neither is better than the other. It's a matter of personal preference and mood. I like them both. I prefer Indica's but that's just because I'm naturally very energetic and like the relaxing effects, but I love a good Sativa just as much really.
  13. both. all the time.
  14. I love sativas........ you get such a better head high... i dont smoke weed for pain i smoke it for its mental effects
  15. Sativa > Indica

    It is confirmed:bongin:
  16. I prefer Sativa over Indica, but I do love me some indica.
  17. i used to be all SATIVAS ARE BETTAR!!!!!!!!!

    but now i appreciate both, when your tolerance gets up there you need a hard hitting indica....

  18. i love walkin around all day wit a grin on my face. the world seems so much better most of the time when u smokin sativas
  19. ive always smoked Indica, however, im growing some top notch Sativa strains this time around, looking forward to them, cant really confirm or deny.

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