sativa hybird or indica hybird?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Smythie123344, Jan 16, 2023.

  1. thinking it might be sativa hybrid not sure tho

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  2. Sativa = long. narrow skinny. leaf fingers
    Indica = Short, stubby.wide. fat. sausage fingers.
    Hybrids = some of the traits of both.

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  3. I’m on to something! This is my biggest plant it’s lst and topped
  4. On to something?
  5. And to add some clarification to that, everything is a hybrid unless your growing a landrace like Thai, Afghani, Panama Red, Colombian Gold, etc. from a very reputable seed supplier. Due to breeding you can easily have a tall skinny plant that is mostly indica or a short squat fat plant thats mostly sativa.
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  6. yeah this one’s showing both indica and sativa but mostly sativa
  7. Gonna be a big producer that’s why I’m onto something here hahahaha
  8. It’s illegal in Australia ‍♀️
  9. That what your crystal ball tells you? Going to be super high in thc and terps too?
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  10. hybrid leaves/structure tell you nothing.
  11. bruh you act like I know absolutely nothing get off ya high horse have a bong and chill out I asked a question
  12. plant seems healthy as ever to me pistols showing I’m not complaining I know the seeds come from good genetics hahahhaa
  13. And just to clear things up I ain’t a new grower the plants leaves just had me confused now if you ain’t gonna be nice then kindly get tf outta here
  14. Looks good. How long will you stay in veg?
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  15. If you know your working with good genetics, then why dont you know whats in it?
  16. I agree with you Smythie, it's either a Sativa hybrid or an Indica hybrid, no doubt about it. Did you notice the double serrations? Strains With Double Serrated Leaves. - THCFarmer
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  17. Who's the breeder? What genotype?
  18. Sin city genetics rainbows and night my mate grows all the strains from them and the seeds are run offs 90% female every now and then a herm with random bag seeds but this is a goodie
  19. Keep In mind I’m growing outdoor not indoor locked in a shed so it flowers properly the light isn’t right here
  20. this plant has been growing since December first it’s gotten big really quick cause it’s the last months of growing here
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