Sativa Growth?

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  1. Is this typically what a sativa growth pattern looks like? She's about 3 ft, the lower half has all sorts of smaller flower points, the top half has larger flowers but not as wild as the bottom. Is this normal?

    Bottom: [​IMG]
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  2. This is a typical mature sativa growth and bud structure. Outdoor. Yours is definitely sativa. Are you growing this outdoors and bringing them in at night, or is this indoor? The health of the plant is in question. Without more information it would be difficult to give you much more information. Nutrients, soil, pot size. etc... IMG_1764.JPG IMG_1765.JPG
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  3. @mbenatar
    It's an outdoor grow, 630am to 5pm. Direct sunlight for about 6hrs. Indoors at night, complete darkness, minus the 3 minutes I open the garage door at night. I am aware of the health issue, I had the fish hook for a few days now, I'm flushing to try to combat the hook. No nutes, 90% soil 10% peat moss, 10 inch diameter pot 10 inches deep. Pot has no drain holes. Nearby vines are infested with Japs. Any other information you need to give any advice? Thanks
  4. I would say yes. I have a few phenotypes that look just like that,
  5. Yes pure sativas will have growth structures like that, I have seen some produce long string like buds. Take care and be patient, it's normal for sativas like this to flower for 16-20 weeks.
  6. 20 weeks?! Fuck
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  7. in most places the days are getting shorter

    just leaving her out

    is viable

    as she will naturally fall to flower

    you need to work the number for your location

    good luck
  8. Are u bringing her inside to prevent jap beetle damage? Those can get pretty nasty if there's a nearby infestation. If u can though, try to leave it outdoors unless you're planning on doing that till harvest. Yes sativa do take a lot longer to finish than indica counterpart (on average). The longer your plant gets used to indoor darkness the more sensitive to streetlights, or just any weak light in general that's not pitch black like indoors. This is why outdoor plants don't Hermie like indoor plants. So if anything just keep doing what you're doing to avoid Hermie issues.

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