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    Hi fellow growers
    This sativa is giving me fits I just dont have any ideas whats going on. I got a new light since my 2 girls are quite big36 inches thats pretty tall considering I usually just grew short indicas. But the light is a tsl2000 300watt so I think by itself the plant might be soaking up to much light or its burning.Or over watered. Anyways confused. If you can put 2 cents in thanks. Peace Out Lemonbud The plant is in its 2 week flower after vegging for 7 weeks. Amnesia haze 1 sf2000 @200 watts
    2 philzon @230 watts
    1 tsl 2000 @ 300
    3x2x5 tent
    Fox Farm ocean forest
    Black gold for seedling
    3 gal pot holes in sides and bottom
    RH 40-60
    Temp 70-80trio
    Feeding with FF trio with molasses
    calmag and a little flower fuel
    Light at 16 inches above canopy
    growing Amnesia haze, Acopulco Gold and Bubble gum

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  2. Your nutrietns numbers are off. This is the issue . You have so many . why ? Clearly i see nutrient toxic starting .
  3. what is nutrient numbers? Thanks
  4. ow no ! To much info your asking for . google N.P.K Fetilizer . Well your using many different ones . Stop it . Use tiger bloom only if you have it along with your calmag and molassas . It will be perfect . Stop all the others. Skip feeding the next time you water .Then the next time use the tiger and calmag and molassis . And so you know mol you only need to use once in a wile bi weekly its only carbs . You might not notice any difference .
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  5. Amnesia haze,
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  6. Nice I will see something like that I hope . ou got any acopulco gold growing.
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  7. I switch to G13 haze .
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    Overwatering/root issues. Doesn't mean the plant won't make it. Because it still looks like it probably will. But my two cents is too much water. Bent tips pointing downwards and downward cupping leaves is an indication of root issues by being overwatered and the roots are suffocating. I'd say you're a little light on the nitrogen too. They need plenty of nitrogen for the whole grow. Make sure you let water "run off" come out every drainage hole from the bottom of your container and don't let it sit in water. A little rack of some sort works great and a washing machine tray works great to hold the water that drained out your container. Make sure you let the soil completely dry out in between waterings to the point where it almost starts drooping. Then water it. Just my two cents. Hope everything works out for you.
  9. Thanks burninafew That has just confused me. Between you say nitrogen all thru the grow and what bryan oconner says not to use nitrogen anymore. I will get it figred out. Thanks again
  10. do you use ro water or tap water?
    why mollases ? is it for extra magnesium?
    cal mag has extra nitrogen in most brands, so when you feed the flower fuel at what ec/ppm did you use?
    far as my 2 cents goes and with all i asked
    it is your force feeding your plant and it dont like it, the fox soil is good stuff ive used it for years , the light sounds alright but then again i dont use a light as a excuse for my issues , ive grown great weed under house hold bulbs, what you need to start doing is using a ph and ppm/ec meter and feed your plants by a schedule , were you are sitting right now , me i would be running at 750 ppm of all feed and additives mixed together,
    900 being my max by harvest, you can grow great bud without force feeding mate, all that extra candy is just that candy and candy waste money.
    check out the hannah feed chart for soil growing it will tell you what a plant requires from seed to harvest, but lay off all the extras and just use the trio , if later down the road you think you need something else do it then not on a scheduled feedings, use a water then feed type schedule when you water, the soil will hold nutes to , so water feed water.
    ok that all i got for 2 cents , hope you sort things out because at 2 weeks in and them tops look that great it would be a shame you loose the grow from force feeding just to have snow flakes all over the plant, i never cared for that sort of thing myself ,that comes from great genetics already.
    good luck mate
  11. @old shol4evr Well I think that was a good 2 cents worth. I use the molasses for the microbes in the soil. I have not used meter in a while. I pH at around 6.5. Go by the FF nutrient chart which for the first time I did a full measurement with the nutes. I usually use 1/3 of nutes. So I do feed then go for 3 days and water till runoff. I guess I got it to hot. Thanks again.
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  12. any time mate, since you used full strength , check and see what the ppm is , i would be running about a happy 750 until about 3rd week and then bounce it up about to 800 give it a week and see if it likes it, keep in mind you have a sativa plant and it is gonna run longer than a average indica or ruderail, so ease into the process slowly , yet again i still wouldnt go past 900 to 950 all the way myself
  13. Thanks@old shol4evr I will unpack and calibrate ppm meter. A year or so back I used it and the ro read 3200 ppm and someone had said dont worry about it and havent since. So what was going on then who knows.
  14. my well water ph changes every rain storm ,i also have bought 5 gal of what was supose to be ro water right from a machine in front of the local grocery that had higher ph than my well , 3 months into a grow im not willing to just forget it because it soil that everyone are quick too say, or the i put sulfur in my soil to combat the high ph , when a simple cheap meter could save the day.
    i do use sulfur in my outdoor soil but still dont rely on it totaly for my ph issues of the well , mixing sulfur isnt just toss a bit in and walk away, if the manganese isnt doing it job the sulfur can be toxic.
    manganese controls all your micronutrients , to me that more important than the macronutrients i can bubble some cow manure compost for feed
    i put sulfur in during the late summer months , which i have , but with the heat the gardens stay at rest and have time to cook into the soil and level out before i plant, i believe there some folks on this site that scratch it in with no problems but i dont
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  15. Sounds like that keeps you on your toes waiting for bad things to happen.
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  16. Plants can only photosynthesize nutrients based upon the amount of light energy the plant receives.
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