Sativa Dominant 3 Month() Flowering (Pics)

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  1. Hi org blades,
    Posting this here because this is my first organic grow and she's been flowering a good long time now.  Props to Jerry and you all for the good soil tips - it's worked out.  :)
    Trichs are mostly cloudy with very few ambers and as you can see there are still white hairs up top - not much in the red hair department.
    This tells me I need to wait at least a few more weeks but it's been 3 months(!) since I turned the lights to 12/12.  It took about 8 days for sex to show.
    She's sativa dominant bagseed flowering under around 400 watts of cfls - I know - HPS kicks butt, but this is only my 2nd grow and I'm still learning and refining before I do that investment. 
    Feed from about week 8 onwards has been water with mollasses and cocoa powder + a drop of superthrive when she gets thirsty and cycling that with watering into a top dress of kelp meal.  She also had that plus organic ferts the first part of flower and thru her veg.
    There's a lot of good, recommended stuff in the soil but I won't bother listing ingredients unless someone asks. 
    She was scrogged then just tied down as the buds got meatier.  Presently 11 primary colas, each about 8-12 inches, and another half dozen smaller colas - about 4-8" long, plus random popcorn.
    She smells pretty good!  ;)
    She had a big fan leaf crash at about week six of flower but the stems all remained healthy and didn't fall off - I spaced out and watered too early once - not the end of the world because the fan leave shrivel allowed more light into the canopy and she's been packing on weight ever since.
    So what do you think?  Wait for the ambers and the hairs to retract or get after the harvest - opinions?


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  2. "I love it when a plan comes together" - John Hannibal Smith "The A-Team"

    Let her mature!!! This appears that it may even take another 3-4 weeks; who knows, but after your time and effort it would be a shame to harvest early. With the very healthy pistils showing she surely has time left to mature fully.

    Great job with the CFL's - imagine what you could now do with a real light.

  3. I hate those bagseed plants that just won't freaking finish.  I grew one for a while that had an 11 week flower.  I knew when she was 'done' because each bud would send up a single, skinny 'crown' from the top.  It was like a turkey timer popping up.  Kept that strain for waaay too many grows.  Called it SpaceMan due to the spaced-out heady high it gave.  It smoked good, no clue what it actually was, but the wait was unbearable.  So I feel your pain.  But let it finish.
  4. Yeah, this is the same strain (or from the same bag) as my first grow which I harvested at 9 weeks because I didn't really know any better but at the time that one plant yielded 2 oz.s of (dry, stems removed) buds.  Smoked real nice, too, after I cured it.   :smoking:   The buds weren't near as frosty, nor the bud internals so pronounced  - a lot more red hairs, though - as this time around and I'm guessing between a half lb. to a lb. this harvest.  I just want to get a ballpark bead on how much longer.  I mean, it's been a loooong assed flower.  I do have a few buds that are sending up that single, skinny crown but there's still definitely white hairs up on them and no significant sign of them receding.  The majority of buds are still "branching" multiple crowns from around the top of the colas.  And that's cool - I mean, it's more smokeable bulk in the long run.  One thing to add is I've kept a fan on her for the duration from the beginning of veg and that's given her a nice, fat trunk and muscular branches which are doing nicely holding up her goodies.  Thanks for the insight!
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    Hey - another question.
    Since she's going to take as long as she's going to take, does anyone have a recomendation on how to continue her feeding?  Presently it's a cycle every 5-7 days of mollasses and cocoa with the water, every other the same into a light kelp meal top dress - and drop of superthrive with each feeding.  The idea here is to keep her happy and (obviously) encourage bud growth, as well as building towards a drama free harvest and cure (and smoking lol).  Types of tea ingredients or org nute recommendations going forwards? 
  6. 1. Kelp Meal tea. Add a handful of kelp meal to a pail of water and let it soak for several days, stirring occasionally.

    2. Worm Castings "slurry" or tea. Same as above but just stir and apply within a few hours.

    3. Alfalfa tea. Same as #1 or just add a handful to your kelp tea.

  7. That's pretty close to how I was feeding during veg and thru the first month of flower until I started top dressing more at that point and I haven't used any ewc since week 8.
    Are you suggesting all ingredients tea'd together or cycle one by one each watering?
    Thanks, J!
  8. I use whatever is handy at the time and the plants seem to usually be pretty damn happy. Yesterday they all got a fish meal and neem cake tea with a little silica for good luck...*lol*''

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