sativa dom. with citrus smell?

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  1. i planted 3 seeds chosen from my bag of seeds 95% of which were regs. 2 died and i moved the other outside. now its about 6 weeks into flowering it appears to be much better than regs. its defiantly sativa dom. and it has a strong citrus smell, almost like oranges. anyone have any idea what strain it could be. none of the strains ive smoked have had that smell so idk what it could be. ill be sure to post pics when i get a new camera.
  2. Orange krush maybe?
  3. Orange Bud
  4. I'd like to see a pic when you get a chance just out of curiousity...
    I grew out a few plants about a month ago and they also had a strong orangey smell, def not a sativa though, kind of weird. Not sure of the strain either; the seeds were in a big bag given to me.
  5. i have some special haze in flowering and shez been smelling of citrus for a month or so...its a sativa dominant hybrid, my guesss its a haze strain

  6. There is zero chance to predict anything about the strain other than sativa dominant. Almost all sativa's have a citrus smell btw.
  7. ull kno if its a hze strain by its taste...unless u havnt tasted haze before, either way citrus is a funky charactistic to have for a plant imo
  8. the citrus smell in my case is somewhat a lemony smell, and this came from a bud given to me in Jamaica that I have no idea of its history...definitely sative though.
  9. fedex me a test nug mon!
  10. white widow
  11. Unless you know the breeder you won't find out exactly what strain it is. Most likely its a sativa hybrid. Just grow and enjoy that uplifting sativa buzz mayne
  12. white widow doesn't smell like oranges. and it's 60/40. 95-100% sativa i would say is kali mist???

  13. lol sarcasm doesn't travel well over the internet
  14. I wanna see them pics!

  15. no just some of them. i think it's a gene that can turn on and races like Orange Bud most likely will always turn it on.

    just for the explanation also others can have a similar smell.

    I would explain it more like a Fanta lemonade-like smell.
  16. [​IMG]
    those are from a few days ago
  17. well, it's not kalimist. ha ha. good luck! (i'd probably just give it my own name.):smoke:

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