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Sativa Divinorum in Iowa?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kaniption, May 11, 2010.

  1. Since literal marijuana in not (YET) legal here, where can I find sativa? Des Moines is 2 hours away and if it's there, I'll go lol anybody got some info for me??
  2. It's salvia, sativa is a type of weed. Google it, you should find a website that'll ship. That or look about in your local headshop.
  3. O my bad lol any headshops in Iowa City you guys know about?
  4. Hahahah..

    But yea, Salvia has nothing to do with Sativa.
  5. Walk into one of the 500 places labeled "Smoke Shop" or some other crap, say do you have salvia!? "Yes, we do!" Great, give me the 60x! But for real I would start with the 20x.
  6. salvia doesn't just get you high, it's not an alternative to weed. it's not even psychedelic, just strongly dissociative.
  7. Salvia is not a replacement for weed; they are entirely different. It is an incredibly strong psychedelic which produces a short-lived (about 5-15 minutes) "high" which most often involves a completely loss of reality and transportation into a different world within your mind. Many users find the experience to be far too intense and never do it a second time. If you still choose to use it, you should have no problems, but just know what kind of experience to be expecting. Salvia is NOT a party drug meant to get you "fucked up," so please do not treat it like such, because it will certainly bite you back. Start with a lower dose as well for your first time, probably no more than 20x.
  8. There's a place called "Day Dreams" in Des Moines that sells salvia and all sorts of smoking accessories. It's right next to Drake University. And from my experience I wouldn't try salvia unless your ready to get your mind absolutely blown. :)
  9. Iowa City has two head shops that I know of. The Den and The Connection. They're literally a block away from each other, but I don't know if they sell salvia. The Connection has a better variety, so I'd go there. But seriously, just get it online and have it shipped to you.
  10. here in boise they sell it at the porn shops
  11. #12 Totah Sam, May 12, 2010
    Last edited: May 12, 2010
    BullSHIT. Apparently You've never tried it. Psychedelic doesn't even BEGIN to describe it. I WISH my trip had only been "strongly dissociative." I was being peeled away in strips. I had interaction with people that weren't there. (I tried it alone by the way). I lost about 5 minutes of my life. I have no idea what happened. I just know I ended up in a fetal position between my bed and the dresser. I somehow shoved the oak dresser about 4 feet to get between it and the bed. Absolutely NO record of it in my brain. I was too busy hallucinating about being stripped away and still able to breath. I kept telling myself, This is impossible. Reality can't do this. (yeah, I was that fucked up).

    I'm one of the many that will never try it again. I'm still dealing with the psychological fall out. It fucked with my reality, ya'll! :(

    I didn't realize something could actually alter reality and how you experience it. That reality during my trip was just as real as this, just as tactile, just as interactive. The sensations were real. Everything. ::shudder::

    I need a beer.

    But in all fairness. I had the 40x and tried it with the vaporizer first and then with a pipe. I got like a triple dose in my system. AND when I came down it was instantaneous. One minute I wasn't there the next it was over. No residual effects. It was like switching off a television or a light.
  12. Yeah, Day Dreams in Des Moines has it.

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