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Sativa/coffee capsules. Still feeling anxious/high almost 4 days later.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kuro92, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Please help guys. (Also please no judgement) I'm a 24 year old female (about 105lbs/5'2) I've only smoked weed twice in my life and both were small amounts. Both times I just fell asleep after and woke up a little bit groggy in the morning, but it would quickly fade. (EDIT: found out the name of the capsules --> RECHARGE by Fairwinds

    I've been taking painkillers for very strong stomach pain/ulcers, but after being convinced by a friend that weed could help just as much and how it was natural, I decided to try it. I told my friend how I wanted to have energy and not get couch lock like I did the past two times. He ended up getting me 10 mg Sativa capsules with some caffeine in it (I'm really awful at smoking so I preferred this too)

    I took the first one at night(Friday night going into Saturday) and didn't feel much. Just felt like I took a Xanax. My pain came back in my stomach with vengeance so my friend gave me a second one about two hours later since I was also out of painkillers. It's as if nothing happened so stupid me asked for another one about 40min later. I think somehow I ended up taking another one that he offered me(at this point I was barely thinking right).

    Short story, I went into a fit of giggles, kept thinking I'm on a boat, felt like I was being crushed, was paranoid as hell, was fading in and out. The first two hours were fun, before it went to hell. I suddenly felt like I couldn't breath or I was somehow forgetting to. I was hyperventilating and my body couldn't stop spasming. I felt like I couldn't speak as my mouth was barely working. My mouth was incredibly dry. The whole room was spinning and a lot of noises were scarring me so much. I kept seeing weird things. I thought I was dying despite my friend reassuring me I wasn't. It got so bad that I felt like I wanted to literally jump off my balcony. I spent the rest of the night panicking and crying. The next day (Sunday) I had to go to emergency room for them to give me anxiety meds as well as stop my vomiting. I haven't eaten in 3 days from how bad the nausea is. I spent all of Sunday feeling like I'm going insane and can barely remember what happened. I keep zoning out and everything sounds muffled.

    Monday I found two painkillers and it was a miracle for me. It broke me out of my haze slightly and helped with the chest pain/motor skills. Last night was the first night I slept. I still feel very paranoid/anxious, body keeps spasming/shaking limbs and I feel like every now and then I fade into a dizzy haze as if I'm slightly high again. I feel like this isn't my body and it's terrifying. I can't concentrate to save my life and feel restless. I know I was extremely stupid to do this to myself as someone who had little tolerance. Does anyone know how long these annoying side effects last??? Anything to quicken this up?? I feel like I'm barely able to leave my bed. I just can't believe it's about to be 4 days and I still feel this way. My eyes are even still dialated up until now
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    It's all in your head man. I recently made a post about this in the apprentice tokers section, you might check it out. It could take a day or 10 years depending on your mental health. Chances you'll be back to normal in no time hang in there

    Edit: how long have you been off your pain meds? Could it be partial withdrawal?

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