Saterday night

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  1. So me and 3 friends, 2 of us experienced, 1 somewhat, and 1 not at all. We all decide to get an 8th and smoke all of it , so we get a big bag of some dank. I brought my little bong and my huge bowl along for the night. We finally got his sister to go to bed at 11:30pm, and thats where the fun began.

    We packed 2 big bowls , 1 in each piece, and headed outside to blaze. We finished the bong fast and went in to grab the bowl. We finished up the bowl after some major coughing from 2 of my friends. Then we went inside to pack more. At this point I wasnt that high, but my friends started feeling it. We pack 2 more bowls and head outside again. After the bong, my least experienced friend, Matt, started gettin really high. He could barely walk and had to sit down for a bit but then started smokin again. We smoke one more bowl of out the bong and head inside.

    We put on Harold and Kumar and not even 10 minutes into it , Matt starts freakin out a bit. He tells me hes feelin wicked hot so I touch his forehead and hes sweating, keep in mind im in Mass so its like 40 degrees out. I bring him into the bathroom and have him drink a little water. He then falls on the floor and tells me he cant get up but I help him up and splash water on his face. He starts feelin better and lies down on the floor.

    Then halfway through Harold and Kumar we go smoke another bowl, just the 3 of us. WE come back in and me and matt devoure a whole box of spring oreos ahha when he is on the floor the entire time. Allen and Tim chug down sodas and we all relax. By the end of the movie its 2am and Im ready to smoke more but my friends are goin to bed, so I decide to too and end the night.

    Sorry if I bored the shit out of you guys lol but it was a good night.
  2. Haha sounds awesome
  3. sweet dude, hope ur friend keeps tokin :smoke:
  4. Sounds like 100's of saturday nights i've had in the past! :D
  5. haha nice dude nice what a newbie smoker tho haha w/e ull get him more into it im sure :smoke:
  6. Damn I miss the days where 4 people couldnt finish a hq.
  7. Shit agreed.

    Now-a-days a eighth is like 1-2 sessions with 10 or more sessions a day if we got the loot and the herb. I smoke with dealers and shit who smoke like madmen.

    Shit roll one 3.5 gram blunt when waking up and thats jus starting the day.

    But anyways, Sounds like a hella of a time. I miss them days.

    Now its like pills, coke, weed, 40's, booze, shrooms, And then maybe we'll have a real good time.
  8. hahaha thats a damn lotta oreos
  9. hahah classic post

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