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Discussion in 'General' started by HowlingStone, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. So last month I bought a receiver and subscribed to Sirius radio and I gotta say, it's been totally worth it. There's always somethin to listen too. I'm a big fan of all types of music so it works out well like if I wanna listen to rock or switch to jazz, techno, hell even classical pieces.

    I really wish I had known about it back when I was blazing, cuz I'd have just chilled in my car when I smoked a bowl :smoking: besides the receiver looks so cool at night cause it's a blue display
  2. Satellite radio is incredible.

    I need to have it installed. :)
  3. Too bad it costs so much :(
  4. Hell no you did not just say that?

    50 bucks for a reciever, plus 12.95 a month for service. = 43 cents a day. Where else in the WORLD will you get commercial free music for 43 cents a day? if you're a fan of Howard, Jim Breur, all sorts of comedians, where else are you going to get Howard 48 hours a day, where else you going to get Stnad Up Comedy uncensored 24 hours a day for 43 cents a fuckin day. That's basically robbing Sirius for what they do. 43 cents a day gives you the BEST entertainment value for your money.

    I switch to Sirius for Howard like 3.5 million other people, but I'll tell you, if i know what i know now, I would have switched much sooner, and not for Howard. I find myself listening to the commercial free music stations more then Howard now... The stations don't have commercials so they don't have time constraits? Echoes, a 23 minute 28 second song by Pink Floyd will be played with no issues from corporate. They play the deepest fucking cuts you can imagine.

    And for us stoners we have jam_On, jam music all the fucking time. It's awesome to listen to when you just need to relax. Regae for those rasta's too.

    It's un-fucking-believeable. I may sound like a salesman, but I'm not... it's just such an amazing product that I would love for everyone to get. Fuck the FCC, and the more people switch to Sirius (bleh, or XM :'( ) the louder of a "FUCK YOU!!!!" It is to the FCC.

    12.95 a month is far from expensive when you realise just what you are getting. 12.95 is 1.5 movie tickets. 1.5 movies = about 3.5 hours. 12.95 on Sirius = 28-31 days worth of entertainment. It's not just music man, there is so much more. go right now

    The revolution began 01.09.06, you still have time....
  5. Yeah, ok salesman.:wave:
  6. Try the product and you'll become a walking billboard too :p
  7. Ya no kidding, it just plain owns. I know a couple of people who are planning to get it now just cause they drove with me somewhere jamming to all the badass channels.
  8. Which stations you normally on?

    I'm usually at 14-17, 22, 33-36, 100-101, and of course the ones I don't like to admit, but 2 and 3, and 8 and 9.

    Those are all my favorites summed up.
  9. For rock, I usually listen to 14-16(classic vinly, classic rewind, and the vault), 19-21(buzzsaw, octane, and alt nation), 27-28(hard attack and faction) and 31(reggae rhythms) but i also like to check out the other rock channels often for good jams

    33-37(techo and dance music channels) also have music I like to bump, although people give me strange looks

    70-72(planet jazz, jazz cafe, and pure jazz) kick ass too, very mellow stuff, i love listening to jazz when driving at night

    those are my fav channels, but I'm still always browsing the whole catalog of music for other tunes i like

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