Satan's Grow of 2010: Bubblicious, Sweet Dreams, Strawberry Cough, Big Bud

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    Hey guys, :wave: I was forced to take a break last year from the growing scene but i am back this year with a couple new tricks and surprises.

    This process was started on 4/21, alittle late for my likeing but things have been pretty hecktic lately. This grow currently consists of: 4 Nirvana bubblicious, 8 KC Brains Sweet Dreams, 5 Nirvana Big Bud, and 3 Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough.

    I ordered the Bubblicious and Sweet Dreams from Attitude seedbank and the Big Bud and Strawberry Cough are from a past seed grow ive done.

    I have used Nirvana's genetics in the past and was quite happy, this time around however i was not so pleased with the Bubblicious. Out of 10 seeds, just 6 popped, they were then planted and out of those 6 4 ended up breaking soil. As youll see in the pictures, the ones that did come up all ended up being mutants, so im left with assumeing they were poor genetics to begin with. Ive never had such a poor germination outcome, but we will see what happens with the mutants that are growing. 8 out of 10 Sweet dreams popped and broke soil, 5 for 5 on the Big Bud and also 3 for 3 on the Strawberry Cough for a total of 20 plants. I actually wasnt expecting the Strawberry Cough to pop since the seeds were so old, so they are currently outside and are just going to be an extra little side project useing lst and fim'ing.

    All of this grow (except for the Strawberry Cough) will be grown inside in one of my growrooms, if you need details on the setup used for this grow you can find them in my past indoor grow journal in my signature.

    This post is more for me to keep my info on the grow in order for myself, but also to share expierence and enjoyable pictures of the grow with everyone so questions and comments are surely welcome.

    The plants are currently under a 4 foot 80 watt fluro shoplight with 24 hours of light. They will be moved under a 1kw MH bulb with 18/6 once they reach their 4th set of true leaves which should be soon.

    The Strawberry Coughs are outside and has been once they broke soil, I didnt expect them to do anything at all, it was more a test to see if the seeds were still good for a later grow. They were left unatteneded outside for most of their days to date but once i checked on them and saw they were doing so well on their own i couldnt turn down the feeling to take them back under my wing and see what we can do with them. They are now in 1 gallon pots and are being trained useing lst and, not shown in the pictures, recently fim'd.

    These pictures were taken 3 days ago, a bit of a delay on starting this thread but like i said things have been a bit hecktic lately.

    Picture 1: What we are working with

    Picture 2: A half group shot of how things were a few days ago, as you can see their a few in their that are much smaller then the others, these are the Bubblicious

    Picture 3: A macro of one of the mutant Bubblicious's, they are all like this and have gotten even more interesting lately

    Picture 4: A macro of a healthy non mutant Sweet Dreams

    Picture 5: A macro of a Big Bud

    Picture 6: One of the 3 Strawberry Coughs that were left outside unatended then taken back under my wing once they just wouldnt give up. Theyve been through bugs, 30 degree temps at night a couple times and also crazy rainstorms, we'll see what they can do for fun.

    Picture 7: After a couple days of lst. As you can see they were in a pretty shaded area and are a bit stretched, after i saw they were even still living i moved them to a better location that recieves full morning and afternoon sun and will soon be putting them in the group with my soil blend and continueing the lst and fim'ing.

    The pictures arnt that exciteing now as things are just starting out but i will post up some new pictures in a couple of days since things have progressed a bit and try to liven the place up.

    Like i said, any questions or comments are welcome. :smoking:

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  2. If you keep it up, you're going to harvest some awesome smoke.
    Good for you on the Bubblicious. Out of 10 seeds, none of mine sprouted.
  3. Like i said, ive used Nirvana's genetics in the past and havent had problems like this. I believe this will be my last time useing their genetics though after this expierence.
    Ill be updateing with pictures later tonight, those were taken about a week ago and things have been progressing nicely. They are going to be moved into larger containers and also under the 1000 watt MH so things should start picking up and getting alittle more exciteing.
    Im thinking about moveing the 3 Strawberry Coughs back inside with everyone else now also since its been getting pretty damn cold out at night on a continueing basis, theyve seemed to been fighting extra hard to survive so its time to reward them for their efforts.
    Be back soon with pictures!
  4. Heres a small little update, i didnt get everything done that i wanted today but its a start. They are under the 1kw MH bulb now at least, and on 18/6 with the light comming on at 4pm and off at 10am. Tomorrow they will be moved into 2 liter bottles and started on their first stage of veg food. I go from 16oz cups that you see them in now, into 2 liter bottles which they are in until their sex is determined, then moved into 5 gallon pots for the rest of their life. As i said nutes will be started once they are in their new temporary homes. Some of the Sweet Dreams are showing slight sings of nitrogen deficiency on their first set of true leaves which hasnt happened this soon in the past with the soil mix i use and its only some of the Sweet Dreams, so im guessing i should be in for an interesting ride with them.
    Not to much more to update on, things are slowly starting to pick up, and im sure after a few days of going from 24/0 under flruos to 18/6 under MH and getting a nice little dark cycle now things should start to get interesting. Along with bigger homes and food, things should start picking up and im ready as ever.
    Enough chit chat, on with some pictures, as boaring as they still might be. :D

    Picture 1: I mixed up about 150 pounds of Satan's Super Secret Soil Mix today in preperation for tomorrow.
    Picture 2: First groupshot of them after their transfer from the fluro to the HID, moveing up in the world. Also, check out that little guy over their in the peat pellet, its a Feminized Rocklock.
    Picture 3: Another group shot, closer to their level :cool:
    Picture 4: This is actually one of the really deformed Bubblicious plants, i think they are slowly starting to grow out of their mutant ways.
    Picture 5: This is a Sweet Dreams that had to be trained down to stay even with the rest of the plants, most of the Sweet Dreams are growing quite fast and also are stretching a good bit at random times. Theyve all been getting the same ammount of light so i dont know why its only the Sweet Dreams that are decideing they want to stick out like sore thumbs. Either way, im ready for whatever tricks they might have up their sleeves, and i think its going to be something crazy with the nitrogen problems and the stretching already.
    Picture 6: A nice little shot to show how much of a size difference the Sweet Dreams have on the other "normal" plants. All the taller ones are of course the Sweet Dreams.
    Picture 7: My hand to show a bit of a size refrence of the plants so far, yes i know my hand is dirty and i have hairy fingers. :eek:

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  5. I thought this thread would get more attention then it is, i guess most people are more interested in the new growers threads now as its more of an exciteing expierence to see the outcome. Either way i will continue to update, intrest or not lol.
    No pics today, but i will have some tomorrow. I didnt get them into their new homes yet but i did start a nice first time feeding of 20-15-10 which mostly all of the Sweet Dreams are in need of. No real visable changes on the plants yet since switching from 24/0 to 18/6 but its only been a day.
    Feel free to ask any questions, its starting to feel kind of lonely in here... :(
  6. Since its been a few days and things are starting to look alittle different in the growroom i thought i would show you guys alittle somethin' somethin'. Not everything is transfered into their new homes yet (still...) It will be done tomorrow though, i was just running low on time today. I always seem to get destracted in the growroom with smaller things that dont matter rather then getting things transplanted. The 7 that are yet to be transplanted arnt in dire need of that right now (which is why i like to get things started ahead of time becuase i know how i always do things like this) but they will be moved tomorrow.
    Everyone is on working on about their 4th node right now and staying so compact, im very impressed. The 5 Big Buds are very noticably larger then the other strains, still on the 4th node but branch growth is much faster along with the fan leaves.
    Temps are staying 77-80 with the light on and 72-75 with the light off which is right where i want everything. All the plants got their first feeding of a simple all purpose 20-20-20 about 2 days ago and will soon be getting an added surprise from a few of Fox Farm's many great products.
    As of right now they are in 4 gallon pots, all except the 7 that will be tomorrow. Theyve been feed once so far and will be fed again not the next time but the time after that when they need watered. They are going to be recieved some simple LST once they get a tad but taller, like i said everything is just staying real compact right now.
    As i said earlier, their was a smaller nitrogen problem with most of the Sweet Dreams, but that has been fixed and the new growth since then is a nice dark green.
    All in all everything is going great, the grow is still early but i am very excited to see what comes of this as we come up on just a month since its been started.
    A nice little side note, i am able to smell a very beautiful cinnomen / fruity smell that is almost exactly like bubble gum when i rub the stalk of the Bubblicious's with my two fingers, its already very rewarding. :p

    Picture 1: Lets take a step inside and see things have changed over the past few days.
    Picture 2: A nice little ariel shot of everything, notice the little guy in the bottom left with his curled up edges. Usualy plants do this when they are cold and are trying to collect heat, but temps have been fine lately and he is the only one doing that, its stayed like that for a fewy days now and the new growth isnt like that... Weird, huh?
    Picture 3: A nice little macro of a Bubblicious, you can see its still carrying on some of its mutant ways but trying to grow out of them... Its still a beautiful plant in my eyes.
    Picture 4: Macro of a Sweet Dreams, showing how compact they are staying, on their 4th node and still tiny as hell, im assumeing they are going to explode once flowering hits. I also dont know how they are getting so much dirt on their fingers, i think they are doing something i dont know about when the door closes.
    Picture 5: A bad picture, but an attempt at showing a size refrence of a Big Bud that has yet to be transplanted. They are about twice the size of all the others, still on the same node though...

    I almost forgot... A buddy of mine donated a Dr. Greenthumb seeds: OG Kush clone taken from his mother to this little project. She is currently outside with the Strawberry Cough's that are still out their but will be moved inside shortley along with the SC's. Ill have to let her, and the SC's make an appearence next time.

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  7. They look like they are coming in quit nicely. When do you plan on giving them nutes? :smoke:
  8. Hello everyone!
    Things are starting to get a bit more exciteing now. The only thing i could ask for now would be some preflowers, but good things take time.
    I had a small nute burn issue about a week back, just yellow tips on a few leafs, plants were flushed and then fed again a week later with no further problems. That has been the only issue so far after being about 40 days into the grow.
    One of my Sweet Dreams is quite unhappy in the room however. Everyone else is enjoying life, soaking up the sun, this one little guy decided he wasnt happy with the temp, day of the week, plants around it, who knows what else, and keeps curling up leaf tips and growing very out of shape. I am assumeing this is becuase hes to hot but none of the other 14 plants have a problem with a thing. Temps are around 77 with the light on and around 74 with it off, which in my book is pretty much perfection.
    They have all been getting fed a simple mixture of 20-20-20 with some added bonuses here and their once a week and are loveing it (after the over feeding issue was taken care of).
    All the plants are around 14-15 inches tall and node spaceing is quite compact. All the pictures that you are about to see were taken just before everyone got their first session of LST to try and encourage branch growth.
    I am going on a week and a half vacation to the beach tomorrow with the old lady, so my fingers are crossed wile im away. With the temps at night and during the day staying right where i want them i dont think it will be a problem leaveing them for a week and a few days. The plants are all in 5 gallon pots and i know for a fact right now they are still pretty moist after 4 days of a good watering, so im left to assume if i do a flush style watering they should be good for that period of time. We shall see...
    Im a bit rushed right now, as i said im prepareing to head out for a week and a half, so ill shut up and let the pictures do the talking.
    Hopefully with the new pictures and progression underway we'll get some new eyes attracted to this thread here and get some questions and comments sparked.
    I plan on letting them veg for another 3 weeks then throwing them into flower, by that time im hopeing for a rough estimate of about 4 feet for a finished height of 6 1/2. Only time will tell.
    Also, ive been meaning to get some pictures up of the outdoor Strawberry Coughs and the OG Kush clone that was donated by a friend. Something else to look forward to, my buddy told me once i do get back from the beach hes going to shoot another 4 or 5 OG Kush clones over my way to make the lonely one i already have feel more at home. So with all that going on, ill wait until the other clones arrive to get outdoor shots of the Strawberry Coughs and OG Kushs. Afterall, this is an indoor grow journal anyway, but still technicaly the same grow, so ill try to un-segregate things shortley if you will. :smoking:

    Picture 1: As you can see, things have progressed quite nicely over the past few days. If you look down towards the bottom left, you can snag a peek at the one Sweet Dreams that just isnt happy in their, yellow burn curled up leaf tips... No idea whats wrong with her, since everyone else seems to be loveing it.
    Picture 2: This is a Sweet Dreams that is probably the smallest out of the whole bunch. I am loveing how its staying so copact and went right to working on branch growth though. As you can see on the tips and a few little spots on a leaf here and their, their was a tiny issue of over feeding.
    Picture 3: The focus of the picture is a Bubblicious, to the left of that is another Bubblicious and all around are Sweet Dreams, just showing the growth since the last update, still staying nice and compact. Im also very pleased at how the Bubblicious's have grown out of their mutant ways.
    Picture 4: A Bubblicious, plenty of growth, just needs to start focusing on branch growth now. Everyone is on their 7th or 8th node now with little branch growth. I cant say the same for the Sweet Dreams, this is when things like high yeilding is an obvious thing thats sweet, Sweet Dreams is noted for that and you can see the difference when looking at this picture compaired to a Sweet Dreams.
    Picture 5: Just over a foot tall, im aiming for 4 feet before flowering so we will see how much of that gets acomplished in the next 2-3 weeks. I had a fan in their on osciliate to try and thicken up the stalks which is why most of them are leaning a but to the left.

    Next step... preflowers...

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    I just moved everyone into flower on the 14th. Everyone has recieved their first feeding of bloom food and is now under 1000 watts of HPS.
    I went away for a week and a few days and decided to put everyone outside instead of worrying about them being unattended inside. During this process a few of them were attacked by bugs, and also have a few leaves with brown spots which i guess were caused from slugs and other things of that nature. When i was moveing them all back inside after i got back i found a total of 8 slugs scattered throughout the 15 plants, some of them were on the soil, and most were hideing under the little lip of the pots. All slugs were removed and the plants were sprayed down good with a nice pest removal formula. Besides the best situation, some of the plants became a bit stretched becuase of the location they were at. Id rather have stretched plants then no plants though.
    All in all, the plants are fed, pruned of some dead leafs and slugs taken care of and are now back in the room and out of harms way.
    All the plants are alittle over 2 feet tall and some are almost 3 feet. As you can see in some of the pictures most of them are staying the same size with the exception of 2 or 3 which i am expecting to be males since thats usualy how things play out.
    Like i said, today is day 2 of 12/12, no preflowers were seen yet, and since 12/12 nothing has been seen either, so im patiently waiting.

    The next update will come when i start showing sex.

    Picture 1: A shot of 2 of the 3 Strawberry Coughs outside that have been topped 3 times now. It was in the process of raining as the pictures were being taken and the flash was on so everything looks a bit shiney.
    Picture 2: My little O.G Kush clone thats been hanging in their. She went through a bit of stress right after getting her that i dont want to get into.
    Picture 3: A different angle of the same 2 Strawberry Cough's with the O.G Kush clone
    Picture 4: Another O.G Kush clone a buddy dropped off a few days ago that is obviously doing a lot better then the other one. Also the 3rd Strawberry Cough in the background.
    Picture 5: Welcome to the jungle.
    Picture 6: Top shot of everyone
    Picture 7: As you can see, some are stretched, some have bug damage, but most are doing great and all will survive.
    Picture 8: Check out the branch growth on this Sweet Dreams, most of the other Sweet Dreams are doing the same thing, but this one is the best.

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  10. Nice man. That's a full room haha.
  11. :wave:Nice grow man, a little indo a little outdo kinda what Im running with. Too bad bout those seeds tho. bum deal. Looks like you should make out alright at any rate. Im going to watch this one. Good luck bro. Nice tats:D
    My link is just below.
  12. Lord Satan! what's up man. good to see you're back at it. and full streem too i see! Things are looking good man. i wish icould an indoor and an outdoor op. Subbed!
  13. Hey man! Good to see you are still around :) I really wanted to get a "true" indoor and outdoor grow going this year, ive just been to busy though. Theirs only 5 outside and the rest are inside, i wanted to get at least 20 outside and 15-20 inside but im halfway their so im happy. I just started things off to late this year becuase of other bullshit going on so im only halfway happy with how things are right now. Its better then nothing though. Next year im going to be prepaired. :D

    Indeed, i tryed to do alittle bit of everything like i always try to do. Im going to have a few major upgrades next year and do the same thing pretty much, covering the yeild strain, potencey strain, and something fun like blueberry / whatever. The seeds from nirvana definatley pissed me off. I only paid $40 for them, but still, i expected them to at least be worth something. I am left with 3 Bubblicious's and all of them are doing well and smell very strongly of bubble gum so i will see what happens in a week or so here when i start showing sex.
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    The pictures should start getting a little more interesting now. Things were put into 12/12 on the 14th of this month like i said earlier, i just now started to see some interesting things about 2 days ago. All the plants have shown sex and are flowering now. I am left with just 7 plants which i guess is pretty close to 50/50, alittle more not in my favor, out of 15 plants. I would have liked to have 10 since im under a 1kw bulb, and have the room for it, but things dont always work out pefect. Ill take what i can get, and 7 is better then 6. :D In the excitement of taking pictures of everything and cutting down males, i forgot to check what strains were left of the females. I know i have at least 1 Bubblicious so we can see what that has to offer, and 3 or 4 Sweet Dreams. Ill get the exact info on the strains the next time i go in which trust me, is hard not to do every couple hours when the light is on. Budding is the best time in the whole grow process and its hard to let nature do its thing without checking up on it more often then you should.
    Now that ive gotten rid of the males and made some room for the girls i tied most of them all down since a lot of the Sweet Dreams were getting rather tall. I didnt get any pictures of how the room looks now after the males were taken away and everything rearanged but i will update in a few days when things start to get more interesting.
    They have all been fed once so far with a nice bloom nute and will be fed again early next week. I like to do the once a week thing usualy when it comes to feeding. They are getting watered about 3 times a week right now since its been getting a little hot in their with the it being in the high 90's outside. Temps are about 79 with the light on and 75 and under with it off. I plan on getting one of those little 9,000 BTU portable air conditioners real soon, along with upgradeing to digital ballasts and adding another 1kw bulb to the mix for the next grow to get things alittle more intense.
    Enough with the chit chat, take a look!

    Picture 1: A general shot of how things looked before the males were taken out and everything was rearanged. A bit crowded in their, you cant see to the left or to the right to much but it gives you a good idea.
    Picture 2: A nice little shot of some male flowers, i believe this was a Sweet Dreams.
    Picture 3: Another male, i believe this was a Big Bud.
    Picture 4: This was a male that i was sad to see go. This was a Sweet Dreams, it always seems like the males are the biggest and nicest looking plants.
    Picture 5: Female flowers on a Sweet Dreams i believe
    Picture 6: Another Sweet Dreams i believe, the focus was more towards the bottom of the picture
    Picture 7: Here is a Bubblicious, its hard to see those little stigmas but you can make them out if you are up for the challange. Im noticeing the other strains are mcuh more behind in the flowering process then the Sweet Dreams are. The strain is said to finish flowering right around the same time as everyone else, but they are also said to pack on anywhere from 450 to 700 grams when its all said and done, so we will find out.

    Let me know what you think guys!
    I just noticed that when clicking on the pictures to view them from here, they are never as big and as "high quality" as they were before i upload them. I will start putting pictures on photobucket and then attaching them to here from their to keep the quality and size once things start getting more intense.

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  15. I thoght i would update quik on the Strawberry Cough's and O.G Kush clone that are outside before it slips my mind.
    Everyone is doing well, the Strawberry Cough's have been topped 4 times now and that will probably be their last since they have about 3 more weeks to veg until flowering usualy happens around where im located.
    The O.G Kush clone isnt stretched, she just looks that way becuase most of her lower leafs have fallen off in the process of getting her to root, heat stress, and then being over watered from being stuck in that pot and getting rained on for 4 days straight. Shes now doing fine and will hopefully speed up abit on the growth side.
    I know this is an indoor grow journal but i consider it the same grow, the outdoor side of things was unexpected and isnt really a signifigant part of this grow at all so i decided to just keep throwing updates about it in with the indoor stuff since i doubt anyone wants to see a journal just on 5 plants outside.

    Picture 1: I tryed to get a nice little shot of everyone together their
    Picture 2: A little blurry, but another group shot at a different angel
    Picture 3: Side shot of a couple plants

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  16. Great o.d. set satan, Keep it up and I may begin to worship. I did the same thing though and posted some pics and updates of my outdoor garden on my indoor grow journal. I havent gotten any grief about and in fact most people think its pretty sweet!
    check my thread out.

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