Satan's Biscuits (Strong edibles experience)

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  1. This is kind of a long story, but bear with me :)

    So one day my girlfriend and I went to go pick up from our dealer (we affectionately called her big mama; since she was like a mother to everyone who went to her). We went in and bought a quarter. I'd been wondering for a while if big mama had any shake lying around that I could make into hash so I asked her. She says she might have something and goes back into her kitchen, she comes back 5 minutes later with a gigantic bag of shake, and she tell us its "machine shake" which makes it super potent (we found many smokable buds in that bag). She gave us about 4 ounces of the stuff on the condition that we make it into edibles and give her some. It was super good stuff so we decided to make it into cookies.. this decision turned out to be a very fateful one.

    After a quick run to the grocery store to grab some essential components (mainly cheesecloth and butter) we got home and quickly got to work. In the moment , we decided that it was smart idea to put all of the shake into one batch of butter. The butter was dark green. While making the cookies themselves, we decided to put double the butter that we were supposed to since we thought it wouldn't affect us.

    The cookies came out looking alright, slightly green, slightly flat looking but delicious nonetheless. I ate one cookie, and urged my girlfriend to do the same. She was too scared, and I insisted that it would be alright, and I would even eat another cookie if she did. She managed to choke it down, with some milk on the side to dilute the "gross weed taste". I will admit they did taste rather strong.

    I went on a walk with my girlfriend, and it started off pretty normal. Before leaving the house we smoked a quick bowl to boost the progress of the cookies, so we were feeling alright. We got to the end of the street and I started to feel the first cookie I ate set in. It felt like I was already as high as I had ever been in my life, and climbing. At one point I felt like I was levitating and just floating along the ground. My girlfriend then reported that she was also feeling the effects of the cookie. We decided to head home and relax and smoke a hookah. On the way home I started to feel kind of woozy. I didn't think too much of it, until the second cookie set in.

    We got home as the effects of both cookies were peaking. I made my way over to the couch. This took 100% of my focus, as soon as I got there, I layed down, and things started to go down. I was staring at the ceiling and things started to rotate. I decided it was a good idea to migrate to the toilet, and proceeded to green out for countless hours.

    I got down to the bed, and then stared at the ceiling where crazy visual patterns started to appear. At this point, I am not sure whether or not my eyes were open. I remember something about gnomes... Needless to say, I woke up the next day feeling ripped. My girlfriend said that she was experiencing the same thing and that she was scared. It was a psychadelic experience I tell you. I would say it was more intense than magic mushrooms, and much more unpleasant. Being the character that I am, I decided that I would give the cookies to a few of my friends and watch their reactions. Here are a few of the stories:

    -After giving half of a cookie to the guitar player in my band, he fell asleep during the middle of a song near the end of our set (during which he struggled).

    -My friend from school ate a cookie and fell asleep at the top of a staircase.

    -The same friend from school ate 2 cookies at work and went and huddled under one of the tables in the lobby (We worked at Carl's Jr.).

    -Another friend ate a cookie and proceeded to hardcore hallucinate at my house.

    Countless other experiences were watched and laughed at.

    We called the cookies Satan's biscuits due to their potency.

    We ended up giving 6 cookies to big mama and she said they were perfect.. I think she's crazy. Her tolerance must be so high. (get it?) Anyways, if you read this whole thing through, sweet, hope you enjoyed :)
  2. Lol great story dude.

    Last time I made firecrackers, I ate just one, regular strength cracker and had a hard time playing Battlefield3 until I passed out. I couldn't handle it, I cant even imagine how hard balls I'd trip off one of your cookies lol.
  3. We calculated it, and every cookie contained approximately 4 grams of bud. :) Thanks for reading
  4. sounds nuts!
    edibles are crazy strong... i ate a whole peanut cannabutter cookie and was high as shit!
    like the first time getting high x495727297 lol
    i was only suppose to eat a quarter, but i was like... this bitch crazy lol

    i definitely regretted it.
  5. damn 4gs in one cookie is legit. good shit bruh.
  6. That's not a cookie it's weed with cookie flavoring :laughing:
  7. Hahaha, what a dope trip, OP! The reason for why the cookies were so strong is because THC is more potent when eaten then when smoked. In fact, it's 4 times more psychoactive when ingested, which means it becomes psychedelic. The reason behind this is because of how the liver metabolizes the delta-9-tetrahydracannabinol (THC) into 11-hydroxy-tetrahydracannabinol before being released into the bloodstream.

    I love making firecrackers and since I have a very low tolerance, a dime bag (about .8 grams) gets me BAKED AS SHIT. I made two with some dank Sours with my friend and we were in a different universe. We were watching the movie Visioneers and watching some Joe Rogan Podcasts. It was amazing, I felt so connected with everything I did. Everything I saw was genius, music was one with the universe to me. I'll drop some links for you stoners to check out. Highly recommend watching these stoned:

    [ame=]Visioneers - Opening Scene - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Joe Rogan- Marijuana & Life Tips! - YouTube[/ame]

  8. Lmao holy fuck
  9. Lmao Santan's Biscuits will fuck your ass up
  10. Dude Edibles can be crazy potent.

    I remember some brownies I took that were made with oil, not butter, and having the equivalent of a bad trip for like 6 hours that day. Didn't make it to the concert that I had spent 60 bucks to get the tickets for.

    Just laid in my hammock and found out WAYYYY to much about myself and life.
  11. hehe had simalar edibles :)
  12. Last time I had an edible that worked I had a firecracker with probably .6 of weed and have a low tolerance. Walking back in my dorm it was like a maze getting back to my friends room..lived there for months but had to have my friends lead the way haha
  13. lol for like 5 mins i thought the title said santas biscuits damn im high:smoking:
  14. Op can you share on how you did it?
  15. thats funny man!
    "falling asleep middle of a song"

  16. Sorry for the late reply, I bought 2 pounds of butter and a package of cheesecloth. I boiled the butter and then added about a half ounce of weed to the boiling butter, I then strained the weed out, using the cheesecloth, and poured the butter into a different bowl, and then put the butter back in the same pot, boiling it again, and repeating the process. I did this until all of the weed was in the butter, and the butter was a very dark shade of green. I then made the cookies with the green and stinky butter, and the results are as described above :)
  17. Drool

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  18. Everyone should be scared of these cookies, it was so overwhelming! Not even all that pleasant!!! It was really funny watching people's reactions eating them though, I could never hold back my laughter after watching a poor soul munch one down. I think that scared them.

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