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  1. first off whats the point?

    you worship him go to hell hes a bad man! he'll torture you weather you worshiped him or not.

    can anyone see a point in worshiping satan as its driving me insane
  2. seems pretty pointless. something only people who are fairly disturbed would bother to do.
  3. Yea it's really pointless. It's like eating your own crap.
  4. apart from that pointless AND sick
  5. Now that I think about it, did anyone see that 'Jackass' episode where Chris Pontius walks around in the spandex devil costume? He says shit like "God is a liar, I really invented the circumcision." Now this is starting to make more sense. I think you're right obliviot, Satan and his demons are not evil, just misunderstood snuggle bunnies of joy being enslaved by that badass, God.
  6. yeah there not horns, there bunny ears
  7. actually the christians make him out to be an okay guy as long as he's getting what he wants from you...
  8. That sounds a lot like my little 17 year old brother
  9. i'm getting confused... so does that make wang's brother ...
    the devil?
    or god?

  10. oooo i find that hard to believe, but maybe it's my catholic upbringing, i've never ever considered satan to be kind on any level. just me tho. to me he is the disease of this earth, our souls and our sanity.

    edit:eek:oops kids and teen for satan sayin this lol!
  11. satanism is full of drugs, violence, sex and no morals. I watched a video at school and an ex-satanism told how when he was like 12, while hiolding a rabbit over his head, they slit it's throat so it bleed on him while in the nude. he was rape by his parents(who were satanist also) and so much more filthy unmoral shit.
  12. I heard somewhere else on this board that Satanism isn't necessarily about worshipping Satan, but more to do with rebellion and questioning the way things are. I dunno though, somebody must be able to elaborate. Personally though, I'm not a big fan of the guy.

    Anybody ever read 'Paradise Lost?'. I haven't myself, but apparently the Devil isn't made out to be such a bad guy in it. A bit of a rebel, kind of like The Fonz.
  13. Satanism isn't devil worshipping. don't make such stern judgements on a religion you clearly know nothing about.

    in fact, satanism doesn't have a deity. it's more of a way of life than a religious following.

    bah. i've said all of this before. look it up on the internet. it's not hard to find.

    i kind of agree with that thing about Satan not being such a bad guy. after all, he was God's highest angel. his most perfect creation. so if you want to blame anyone for satan being a cunt then blame god. he made him.

    it's just like cannabis. why does everyone think it's so bad? because it's illegal and a whole bunch of propaganda to boot.
    why is satan seen as bad? because God (the one who's in charge, like the government) booted him out of heaven and said so.

    in the bible God smites countless people. i mean, he flooded the whole world at one point. brought disease and pestilence to the world etc etc.

    where does it say that satan demolished whole cities? or sent plagues upon mankind? it doesn't. all he did was convince some chick to eat an apple. OH NO!

    and Bong Bassed. are you trying to say that there are no christians who snort crack or rape their children? there's been some pretty fucking evil christians in the past.

    ah well.
  14. People can believe what they want, satanism included. It's as ridiculas i my mind to worship the devil as it is to worship god, so why not?
  15. SATANism. How is that not worshipping satan??

    Declara - what would be the point of worshipping someone who could theoretically make you live in eternal hell. Worshipping God on the other hand atleast makes more sense, he represents virtue.
  16. Once again: Satanism is not worshipping satan in the literary sense, it's about believeing in yourself and keeping yourself as "god" in other words, you deside your future and what happens in your life to a point (accidents and such can not be desided). The point why people think it's about satan and all that is because the SATANism and because chruch thinks that by denying god you accept satan to be your lord. Where as satan worshipping is just an term and people who worship satan (wonder how they worship it) are more than often mentaly disturbed and such, a friend of mine who worships satan doesn't see satan and the devil in hell but as death and the darknes of life and denies god and all that because of humans and their actions, worshipping products, consuming, money etc. and then we get to the cutting yourself part, he does it sometimes to humiliate God 'cos god created man to be his image or something...............

  17. The people who do it have a point, if I knew it I might be one of them.

    Technically God is the one who could theoretically make you live in eternal hell, as he is the one who created it and Satan in the first place.

    I don't know if there is a God or not, but if there is I doubt very highly that any religion that exists right now knows what it's talking about; therefore, to say one is better or right over the other is in my mind ridiculas. Worship all you want whatever you want, just don't preach about how you're right and others are wrong, that's the way I see things.
  18. How is worshipping Satan any different from worshipping God? (This is not a flame nor am I asking for one, I'm merely asking for a just answer).

  19. It's the opposite side of the same religion wich brings to the weird point, if satan worshippers are "destroying" christianity and denying god's existence then how can they believe in satan wich was one of gods angels that was kicked out. But again, Satansim is not about satan...

  20. well at firsti thoguht that they figured worshiping satan ment they were not gonna be tortured by him but once i found out they beleived he isnt evil i figure that its no differnt

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