Satanism: Misunderstood Religion, Secular Prank, or a Ticket To Hell?

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  1. I notice lately alot of people defending Satanism, claiming it's misunderstood.
    So is this a legitimate and misunderstood religion, a case of atheist trolling Christians or is it a morally dangerous ideology?

  2. We would not have this crap if the gawds were smarter.
    I thought why doesn't God just evaporate all evil but then good wouldn't really exist, would it?
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    Surely good could exist if evil did not. To assume one relies on the other is a logical fallacy. The gawds surely would have been smart enough to handle that simple concept, which just goes to show you how man made the gawds are.  The gawds created that evil if you believe most  tribal myths men wrote about them all. Of the 1000s of gawds and humans gravitated to the assholes. WTF? LOL!
  5. Actual satanism is the belief in the self as god. Not praying to "Satan", those are goth kids satanists. It's about empowering yourself an giving into your desires without fear. Fun idea, have a few friends that follow the ideology.

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  6. In an interview with the Daily Item in Sunbury, Pa., 19-year-old Miranda Barbour said she wants to plead guilty to killing Troy LaFerrara in November. She also said in the interview that she has killed at least 22 other people from Alaska to North Carolina in the last six years as part of her involvement in a satanic cult.
  7. Uh oh.... :bolt:
    And I do mean  :bolt:
  8. The Satanic bible employs one repeatedly to "do whatever the hell you want without any conscious of guilt." Richard Ramirez was a model satanist.
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    It's main demographic seems to be 14-18 year olds who dislike their [probably Christian] parents. Anton LaVey called it Satanism in order to ride the success of Christianity and appeal to rebellious teenagers. It's genius really. Thank goodness that shit did not appeal to me at that age. I'm sure it's misunderstood in that people see "satan" and jump to conclusions. Regardless, it's nothing more than entertainment to me. 
    Then why the hell is it named after Satan?
    Call is Selfism or Empowerism. Anything but the devil.
    Maybe "the gawds" have a universe without evil but we don't deserve it.
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           LaVayan Satanism has some great ideologies to it and it is truly a misunderstood ideology. As mentioned above the central theme to it is self empowerment and becoming your own god. Now where does Satan come into play? It is all about symbolism and rejection of the Christian doctrine that places you as subordinate to a deity. Christianity discourages certain behaviors by labeling them as 'sin' and by saying that sin is of the devil. The LaVayan Satanist in turn says that the concept of sin is redundant and the only true sin is ignoring your own self divinity and living life by an arbitrary set of guidelines set by somebody else. This particular branch of Satanism emerged as a rejection of Christian morals becoming engrained into society. Now, there are occultists out there who take a much different approach to Satanism by actually doing things like praying to Satan and trying to summon demons with sacrifice and all of that generic crap. To me that isn't Satanism it is just a B rate horror movie. Worshiping Satan as an actual deity actually negates the central ideal of LaVayan Satanism which is that you are your own god and praying to any other god is a sin against self divinity. To be fair, the image has stuck because it is fun and it never fails to shock Christian fundamentalists.
    This is just the surface of Satanism and there is much more to it in terms of 'rituals' which are really just ways of expressing the inner hedonist and include things like getting drunk as piss, banging sluts, and all sorts of sleazy things that are fun.
  13. This is absolutely correct, however, I will add that Satanism also makes it clear that all actions made from free will bear consequences of some sort and should be accepted whether they are good or bad. It forces people to live for themselves but also to remember they aren't alone in the world and should prepare to reap whatever they sew.
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    It is the first satanic commandment which denounces God's 10 commandments.
  15. Well could be more Satanic than breaking your own religion's commandments just because you want to. That is like ultimate Satanism right there. :metal:
    I think I have stumbled across the Satanic loophole... I gotta go look into this some :bolt:
  16. [​IMG]
    Oh my gosh the internet is Satan's doing..
  17. Satanism is as much of a joke as Christianity.
  18. It's a strange day when you realize you identify more with satanists than christians.
  19. If you think that's bad, you should read up on this guy who runs a cult called Catholicism. They call him "the pope". Anyway, he covered up thousands of cases of child molestation by the priests of his cult over the course of his leadership. Crazy stuff!
  20. A Satanist would have a better chance of becoming president of the United States than an Atheist.  

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