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Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Digit, May 22, 2004.

  1. This thread has been created for hatebreeder and mustard (and anyone else who wishes to join in) to clean up some space in the Fuck Off Thread. it was an interesting discussion and i for one would like to see it continue. but fuck off out of the fuck off thread. ;)

    it started somewhat like this:

    I continue...

    It would appear that Mustard is not completely clueless about satanism. And, if I remember correctly, I've seen Hatebreeder speak with a fair degree of knowledge on the subject, more than i've seen from anyone else at Grasscity. Now stanton's comments do seem to me to take the topic mack into the realms of misunderstanding what satanism is.

    do forgive me if i am wrong on this, but Satanism, is in no way shape or form a form of devil worship as Luciferianism is.
  2. Based on what I know of satanism it's just another conglomeration of concepts with someone's name stuck on it. I believe in the power of myself and humanity but I just do, not because anyone else did before me.

    I know virtually nothing about satanism that hasn't been discussed on this board though. Really I think the argument comes down to whether or not you can believe in something that's more or less unproven and still maintain real logic. Like every religion.
  3. Hatebreeder, what I mentioned about Satanism is what I know of Anton LaVey's teachings. I know very little, I have never claimed to know a lot; just a little more than the common man. Enough to understand some frequent misconceptions. I want to make that clear. But I get the feeling your definition of Satanism has little or nothing to do with Anton LaVey's.

    Recently I started reading The Jesus Mysteries. A book relating modern day christianity to all the other "pegan" religions predating it. I havnt gotten far yet, but I may end up learning more about some of which you've presented.

    Regretfully I have hardly any knowledge of Satanism to bring to this discussion. But I am certainly interested in learning what you have to say about it.

  4. Incorrect. It is a misunderstanding of what Luciferianism is. I know Luciferians, and appearently have been told incorrect information about whether or not they do infact believe their precious little dark god actually exists or not.

    Aside from whether they believe in Lucifer or not, if you read The Church of Lucifers website, you will find massive .."similarities" between The Church of Satan and The Church of Lucifer. Note the quotes around similarities. (Insinuating they were stolen from The Church of Satan)

    Misunderstanding of Lucifer, perhaps. But none of Satanism.

    And when I say Satanism, I mean the one that exists, Anton Szandor LaVey's Church of Satan.
  5. Yeah ok, whatever .

    Anyways, didn't you just have the Baphomet, the official seal of The Church of Satan as your av? Maybe I'm just tripping. But wouldn't that make you.. wait... yeah, it would make you a.............we'll have less of that thank you very much!............this is a warning..........Peace out...........Sid
  6. Man ,I dont know shit in this matter, hell I thought satanism was being your own god, but what do I know and Stanton give information and debate instead of starting to give an insult and then not giving one.
  7. Satanism is being your own God.

    I am God, I control everything around me and I get rid of whatever tries to ruin that.

    Not that we advocate senseless violence, but there's nothing wrong with violence with reason ;)
  8. The idea of "controlling my environment" is living a life that is most pleasing to me, and not letting other people interfere with that with their little opinions or disagreements and all that shit.

    The "someone killing me" scenerio is covered by "if someone strikes you on the right destroy him on the left" and such.

    Me being God is only for me, I'm obviously not God to you.

    Satanism doesn't use Satan as an actual deity, and that confuses a lot of people, and pisses off a lot of "true" Satanists/Luciferians, etc, but it's not like we don't use Satan constantly. Satan's just a model.

    I don't even like being related to Satanism anymore because of the pretentious people in it. Satanists spend all their time bitching about pretentious people, when they're the most pretentious people I've ever known.

    But I'm not gonna stop believing things I believe or agree with just because of the faggots that are in it. Faggots is not an acceptable word to use around here. It's just another form of hate which is also unacceptable. You are on the fucking line. *RMJL

    I also share things with Rastafarians, and they're extremely devout Christians, and I'm not gonna pretend I don't share things with them just because I think their bible is rediculous. So I still talk about Satanism for the same reason.

    and I don't FOLLOW Anton LaVey. Anton LaVey is just like any other philosopher you might read about. You either agree with the ideas he presents or you don't. I read the Satanic Bible and came to find that I liked a whole lot of whats in there.
  9. Satanism, Luciferianism or whatever, it's all false. Some stuff made up by some humans, so that other humans will believe the same things. Please flame me til no end.
  10. I dont think you will be flamed, it is your opinion, I do not believe in Satanism, but I am interested in learning to broaden my horizon, so please dont be a downer.
  11. There's nothing to believe in in Satanism so whatever.

    You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, if you did you'd know how stupid that sounds.

  12. Nothing to believe, eh? Sounds like nothing to me then, and not worth practicing.

    Break it down for me in a paragraph or two and I'll shoot it down. Is it that, we're our own gods crap? Or something even more foolish?

  13. No actually, that would be a flame, because I did nothing of the sort. I'm sure many people who read this thread agreed, but didn't feel like butting in on the topic. Maybe I was out of place, but you need more rational thinking in this thread. Of course none of us have answers in life concerning origins etc, but some ideas are more whacky than others...
  14. Religion as a whole is a false creation. As humans, we create the symbolism. We developed the beliefs, the eloquence, the connection of man and deity. Consider that we are the only species to have such developments; the lone participats of "faiths" and "religions." This could be argued by explaining our supremacy over all other living things. To be honest, we are far from that status. We have much to learn as a species, and most of it can be acquired from our surroundings, the existances before us. Humans are one of the newest species of this Earth. The vast majority of every other creature dates to a time of existance far before our own. We have little right to decide the specifics of creation, and ideaology on this Earth.
  15. Hatebreeder, have you ever read the Necronomicon?
  16. about the necronomicon.. is that a real book? i've looked all over the place for it, and all i can find out is that it was a fictional book created by HP Lovecraft..

    apparently written by some mad arab Al Azif...

    but is it real?
  17. thats what i was wondering also

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