Satanic families

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  1. has anyone else here heard of the power families?

    multiple royal families
    bush family

    these families have so much power and un-accounted money it puts the forbes list to shame. bill gates is a garbage man compared to them

  2. families that have alot of power and influence is the old model I think.
    theres still some of that today, but i think its fading away. It seems to be more like a couple hands full of elites from the old days, that will be dead in 5-20 years.
  3. They're all going to die like the rest of us anyway. No beating that.


  4. What makes you think they are satanic families? Just because they were at the right place at the right time and cashed in, that makes them bad? It kind sounds like you're a bit jealous of them. You shouldn't be. As a previous poster said, we all die sooner or later.

  5. Never going to die would be a hell all onto itself.
  6. I don't see anything here relating to satanic religious practices of these families or anything..

  7. I think that the OP felt that since these families have all that money, it must somehow make them "evil". Plus the title of the thread is "Satanic families".

  8. So basically this thread is laced with all sorts of old school bigotry that associates all evil with things they don't understand?

    Oh I get it now :hello:
  9. G. Bush and John Kerry was in some kind of secret society called Skull and Bones. Look it up, interesting shit. There's a video on youtube when some guy asks bush and kerry about it.
  10. I was expecting a thread about actual Satanic families :p like church families for Pagans!
  11. [ame=]Bush / Kerry Skull and Bones Avoidance - YouTube[/ame]
  12. if you dont undestand how much power these satanic families have you must be brainwashed. they are evil pedos and warmongers. skull and bones,bohemian grove,illuminati,bilderberg group,council on foreign relations,the list goes on and on.

    bohemian grove, bush family is members as well as many politicians including regan and nixon,newt gingrich. its more of a republican thing but the democrats have the bilderberg group.

    [ame=]Exclusive! Bohemian Grove and Cremation of Care footage - YouTube[/ame]
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    I believe he is referring to the Families such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bush's ect, who operate and own the banking systems of the world.

    Every soverign state on the planet has a PRIVATE central bank owned by these cocksuckers (much like our federal reserve) that manipulates it's currency.

    However, there are 3 countries that STILL do not have one of these central banks.

    1. Cuba
    2. North Korea
    3. Iran

    These particular families have been in power and controlled the banking systems of the world for nearly two centuries, and they have worked their way into our political system through secret societies such as "Skull and Bones" (Kerry, Bush, Taft, Bush Sr. ect..)

    These families may not be "satanic" per say, but there is no doubt they are the players in the world game of chess, controlling the militaries of all the super powers.

    However, check out "Bohemian Grove" if you get the chance. There is a meeting in california each year where strange occult rituals are held.

    Bush, Reagan, Nixon, Gingrich, Clinton, have all attended at some point.

    Just watch this video of David Gergen...he's VERY nervous when confronted about it...

  14. as brainwashed as someone who believes in a satan and a god?
  15. even if you dont believe in satan or god, it doesnt change how powerful and evil these families are.they have federal reserve and cia connections. they run the world and dream of the NEW WORLD ORDER were everyone will be micro chipped and tracked
  16. So when I get chipped, the only thing it will tell the government is, "the crunge is sitting at home".

    I have absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

  17. Man, you are sniffing way too much paint.
  18. :laughing:

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