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  1. Ok, I am not well versed in the Bible but I thought of something the other day. Satan is supposed to be the dark side of all things right? The shadow to gods light and whatnot?

    But satan punishes sinners. He tortures those who disobeys his socalled enemy (god). So could it not be assumed that the devil is in fact not evil, as he helps scare people into following gods teachings, and punishes those who don't?

    This just may be another flaw in a leaky boat.
  2. satan doesnt punish sinners, God does.
  3. Eh I don't believe in satan.
  4. Biblically speaking, Jehovah punishes sinners. Satan is in the same boat sinners are. He wants Jehovah's creations to burn like he does, so he tempts them to sin.
  5. the whole story of god and satan is a fable. a tall tale meant to educate people, but its obviously been misconstrewed.
  6. Satan was the first example in the bible, of just how pissed god can get, when your not a good follower. He's been burning for six billion years now, wow, I guess he really ticked the big guy off!

    I think the whole story is a parable for bosses everywhere, if your employees are plotting against you, there is no hope in hell for them. They too will get "fired".
  7. I would prefer to think that we punish ourselves with our actions- what we do to another we do to ourselves.

    I would like to think that Lucifer and not The Father is more involved in punishment, but not in the carrying it out as much as just the possibility department. Lucifer is your ego, that which allows all transgretion against another. The Father is our altruistic side, so I don't think He punishes as much as He forgives. But they are both connected so it's not like they are two different beings anyways...

    But then again, it's just what I would like to think. ;)

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