SAT tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by angelsfaith, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. Yah thats right, I have to take the SAT tommorow at like 8 in the morning....fuckin sucks....
  2. good luck bud!!


    (brain vibes ^^^ ;) )
  3. good luck bud! it's pretty easy.
  4. just got was kind of tough, but ok. ill guess ill just go smoke a bowl real quick and forget about it. ;0
  5. hah, my friend last night that i smoked with had to take the sat the next morning, he got so damn stoned and went home at 11pm, i hope he didnt forget to wake up in the morning, haha...
  6. I quit smoking for awhile to study for the SAT. I got a 1580, and now colleges are giving me tons of money to get me to come to their school where I can have even more fun and smoke even more weed. Have to look to the future sometimes
  7. I had forgotten when I was supposed to take the SAT until about 3 days before the test. I didnt do too horrible tho, I got a 1450 total. For some reason tests have always been easy to me, if I studied/learned/heard something once before, it pretty much sticks with me for at least until after a test.

    OH! and gratz on your score and stuff man!

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