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  1. Hey Guys,

    About two years ago I took the SAT for the first time. Keep in mind I went to Taco Bell the night before, and masacred about five of those motherfuckin tacos. So next morning, I go into a brandnew school, with tons of hot chicks in there with me. I'm layin down some game and all. Then the test starts, it hits me. AW FUCK, I got the RUNS!?! So i'm stuck in the one room for like an hour and a half. When the break comes I try to fart it allll out in the bathroom LOL. No Luck, Go back to take the test. SHIT, LITERALLY! A little fallls out, and the room smells like a fuckin petting zoo. Everyone is lookin around, and i'm super embarressed, and tryin not to laugh. So i go through 3 more hours of torture, tryin to hold that shit in (LITERALLY). THE MOMENT WE FINISH AND I WALK OUT THE DOOR, I SHIT MY PANTS! I kid you not. I couldn't make this shit up. I got shit runnin down my leg. Run allllll overt he place tryin to find a bathroom. Eventually find one, FUCK NO TOILET PAPER! I dump my boxers in the toilet, and have to wipe my ass with ONE DOLLAR BILLS (i felt like a king lmao)

    I still smell like ass, seriously. I was supposed to go out to eat with my mom, cause she was picking me up. I jump in the car smelling like shit. Say i don't feel good and half to go home LMAO.

    i'm one cool ass dude.
  2. hahaha the cool ass dude part cracked me up
  3. how'd you do on the test? shitty?
  4. damn that story had a shitty ending...sorry
  5. yall are corny as helll
  6. LMFAO.

    Least you didn't shit yourself completely until after the test.
  7. when I took the SAT my proctor was a fucking retard she messed up the time at least 5 times and it actually worked out pretty well because I kept getting extra time because she was a retard. I could have also turned back to any section and cheated very easily because I had a 300 pound girl sitting infront of me there would be no way I could get in trouble o well so wutd u end up getting?
  8. LOL PAUL, you already told this story to me, and i loved it more the second time.

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