Sassafrass Is A Root...

Discussion in 'General' started by NuBBiN, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. You just wish some guy wanted to stick his finger in your butt ;)
    My dads never met the butt guy in person but it was a good hypothesis.
  2. *raises hand*
  3. *gives norm a long ten seond look of hatred...then slaps him with his glove*
  4. Would that be your ass rammin' glove so your fingers don't get all shitty?
  5. *does NOT lower hand*
  6. *punches namron in face....namron smiles..keeps his hand raised while teeth fall form his face...I simply laugh and pas gas*
  7. *keeps hand raised*......................

    so yeah...shake it up, then its really sweet
  8. I saw the funniest thing in Penthouse a couple days ago, it was called the choadmaster X-69. It was this robot with a dick and this chic was getting all up on it and suckin' his metal dick and shit. Do guys really get off on that stuff, because it just made me laugh my ass off
  9. 420girlie

    You gotta be kidding, a robot and a girl? I've seen robots going at each other with oilcans and stuff but it's mostly stuff that robots watch and get off on, of course some upscale robots have been trying to get the practice banned, they say it tarnishes their faithful hardworking servant image.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  10. That's really funny. It even had a spinning dick attachment and in the last picture of the series there were a hole bunch of other smaller robots too. How do the robot upper class feel about robo-orgys?

    Do you really think it tarnishes their image. If anything I would think it would ad to there hard working robot image ;)

    p.s. can you imagine if her parents saw that issue?
  11. 420girlie

    Robo-orgy?, I dunno, I'll have to ask Mod 69 Asimov [(he)(it) is my co-pilot-navigator on The Epiphany] what he thinks about it, he probably wo'nt care one way or another cause he's one of the first models, kinda rusted up and bent in a few places, although I have seen him eyeballing the coffee maker at times (pretty little thing, you can do Latte's and Espresso besides makin really good coffee).

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  12. *hand still raised*

    well....i dont know of too many guys that would get off on a robot...but as long as the chic was naked, then it prolly wouldnt make a damn if there was a robot there or not.
  13. *whips out a red stapler and staples namrons forehead...just..because...*

    nahh robots are more into those realistic sex dolls..I saw a special on real sex on HBO and one of them was about the sex dolls...they cost about 5 grand or so, but theyre so fucking realistic its nuts
  14. *hand up in the air...........still.......*

    yeah, i saw that too, but it just seemed to me like it would be like having sex with a dead person, being so lifelike, except not moving or moaning or anything.......also, the evil ex called me today :S she wanted to gripe to me how her current relationship is going.

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