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Discussion in 'General' started by NuBBiN, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. i don't own a gun but know one's takeing my right to own one away and if i really needed a gun don't you think i could go out in my grage and make one i drink a lot of milk it does a body good when i drink i drink wild turky<::::#~~~~
  2. yeah, all of those others washed down the fifth of aftershock...its some good shit, got those little sugar crystals at the bottom!! SHAKE IT UP A LOT!! MMMMM sweet

  3. Well Duhhh, Nubbin. I do know how to read the entire post!!! LOL

    Aftershock watered down with Coors, DNA, and fuzzy navel coolers would make a billy goat puke.

    And yes I know what Aftershock is, afterall I was once 19 and dumb as hell to. ;)

    But what about a warm mayonaise milkshake, doesn't that sound good to drink???

  4. when you were 19 you better not have been drinking..THAT THAR IS ILLEGAL!...ive been smoking drugs non stop the past three months so its hard for me to figure out when someones using if you were using it i apologize for not knowing
  5. zia i think i have

    and, i drank the aftershock straight...with ice of course..and then "chased" it will all of the above......i know a chick that drinks vodka and chases it with milk..then wondes why she throws up ever time :-S
  6. man vodka is my favorite little buddy...I can't have a chuggin contest with labbat blue 40s without barfing...but I can take ten shots of monarch vodka and not be fazed...i could outdrink anyone if it were just the two of us..and a table full of shots..alkyhole is such a terrible drug...but when youre drunk its fun...
  7. alchohol has a bad habit of bringing my toenails out my nose, accompanied by my lunch
  8. you have boobs above your avatar...i got the giggles
  9. are you only just now noticing that....

    a glass of warm mayonaise?!


  11. When have you ever seen me not use Sarcasm? I'm the king -o-sarcasm, the emperor for life of sarcam, the big slice of sarcasm in tthe wheel of sarcasm cheese.

    Hell, its 5 o'clock, I got a date with a big faat J.

    Later, and enjoy the full Moon tonight, you won't see it again for another 28 days.

    ARRRROOOOOOOOOOO, *BPP grows fur and has the urge to howl*
  12. did anybody else notice jollyrancher's post?!
  13. I did remember using pipes and a pipe cap and a drill and some firecrackers and creating "the mgiver grape gun" shot grapes at 1000fps into my neighbors car window....what a summer that was...ahh memories

  14. I don't, but I know I don't like to feel like i'm taking a shit in reverse. I'm a pretty open minded person, so I tried it once when I was drunk,and I wanted to cry it hurt so bad. I practically screamed. That guy did have a pretty big braut though. ;)

  15. No, but it does remind me of this time I puked.........alot and then I had sex with this guy, I bet kissing me tasted great ;)
  16. lmao definately sound liek someone with PHS....HOE!

  17. It's a medical condition damnit ;)

    p.s. Both those stories were with the same guy but I can't deny the facts ;)
  18. is this the "butt guy" from your other post?..he sounds like the type of guy you wanna take home to your parents
  19. No, this guy ruined it for the butt guy. The butt guy tried but was shot down in flames ;)

    My parents didn't like either, go figure.
  20. he probably tried to slip a digit in your padres buns aswell

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