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Discussion in 'General' started by NuBBiN, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. hello....I am NuBBiN...I have a friend named The Ice Cream Man...I have a 5th of this very expensive alkyhole called has a very hot cinnamon those "hot tamale" candies you can get at barber shops..or those "red hot fireball" candies that burn your tounge...I drank four shots of didn't taste like alkyhole at all...I think that I will keep my real name a secret until Ive become the president of the United States...That way in the future when im not on grasscity anymore I can hold an emergency telecast that takes over the nations airwaves and Ill sit down...spark a J and announce "I am NuBBiN!"...and Ill have the CIA track down the real man behind the Ice Cream Man avatar..and I will praise him for being so ugly!!


    thats another thing!....when im president, I will criminalise guns....if nobody had guns...then the nation would be a better place!...we'd be like the UK!...our police would stroll down the streets with their top hats and twirling their batons and whistles like they do in england!..and they'll speak in british accents as well!....I'll have the US import switch into the US and he'll be the head police cheif!...or torrey!...I think thats what they call em across the river!...SWITCH WILL HAVE SUPREME AUTHORITY UNNDER A NEW MARTIAL LAW THAT ALLOWS HIM TO GO INTO ANY HOME HE WISHES AND PUNCH THE HOUSEHOLD PETS UUNTIL THEIR TESTICLES DROP!...HE WONT BE ABLE TO SHOOT ANYTHING THOUGH BECAUSE GUNS WONT BE AROUND THANKS TO PRESIDENT S..ooooohh!! I was about to say my REAL name!....THATS A NONO!..NOT UNTILL I WIN THE ELECTION!!!!!!!..FOR NOW ITS PRESIDENT NuBBiN!

    Whats the deal with donkeys and elephants being the animals that represent the democratic and republican party?...why not cougars and ford trucks?....WHY!?....ILL TELL YOU WHY!...BECAUSE WE LIVE UNDER A REPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT THATS WHY!....ILL TELL YOU ONE THING THOUGH!...IM NOT GOING DOWN LIKE JFK BABY!..WHEN IM PRESIDENT I WILL DRIVE AROUND IN A POPE MOBILE!...but unlike the pope mobile that the pope rides pope mobile will not be a bullet proof glass bubble...because we wont have to worry about bullets...GUNS..>WONT...EXIST!.... the only bubble this tough guy is drivin in is a baton and sharp pencil proof mobile!...that way unlike JFK I wont have to worry about any magic bullets coming from angles and changing directions that defy physics as we know it!!....IT WAS THE ITALIAN MAFIA THAT HAD JFK AND RFK OFFED!!..NO JOKE!....I was there in spirit(not physically because I was still "sleeping" in my dads testicular sack)....there was a fence at the top of the grassy knoll.....behind the fene was three was a bystander taking photographs...the other was an italian who goes by the name of Julius....he was dressed in a police uniform...the third man was about ten feet from the other two men dressed in construction workers attire...he is unkown to this jfk drove by..the "officer" fired a hollow point explosive round into our leaders body..(he didn't fall over after the first shots due to a metal brace on his back which was propping him up due to an ailment which the majorit of the public didn't know about untill later!)...after the fatal shot which took off half the head of our president..the officer calmly dismantled the gun while onlookers rushed to th scene...he placed the pieces in a bag which he handed off to the worker who then proceded to walk the opposite direction torwards the train tracks nearby....

    RFKs assassination was simpler...basically the mafia hired a bipolar skitzophrenic who simply walked in..and shot woman in polka dot dres or anybody like tht..simply a sadly sick man on a rampage..

    these two deaths were broght on because both brothers were heavily involved in assaults against drug and weapon cartels in italy, as well as several connected underground brotehls in new orleans....the mafia didn't like it..they brought assassins in from ver seas...and offed their competition..

    speaking of have a gorilla which pops up in your avatar now..why do you permit such horribly rde things to attack my visual senses?...

    anal sex...whats the deal withthis topic?....some like it..some not talking about homosexual talking about heterosexual couples.....some like it..some dont..I think it all lies in how its practiced for the first time..if its done wrong..or if the mood isn't right I think thatcan throw off the whole good light around anal sex....I hear about 80% of all married couples experiment with it atleast once...I think many are turned off while others are very turned on by it..leaving a gap in between where not many people are into doing it casually like riding a bike....

    rice....why wont it cook faster eh?

    Ill tell you why..because rice is actually turds from albino rats!..EAT UP RICE BITCHES!

    did ou know that hitler, after shooting himself in the head..had his men dispose of his remains by flame...but weeks after the war, nearby his final hideout bunker..russian troops came across a ditch with the charred and crushed remains of an older adult male, but by comparing the intact section of a jawbone with teeth found at the scene with dental records from hitlers personal doctor...they verified that it wasindeed heir furors remains!....the russians then took the remains and buried them in a discrete location inside a heavily wooded russian base a few thousand miles away..yet decades later..there were newspaper repors concerning this burial site and the russians..not wanting anyone to either steal the remains for prophet, or as a main piece in some sort of cultist neonazi martyr shrine..they tookt he remains..ground them up int a very fine powder..and they dumped them into the sewers of moscow....hitler literally fell to ashes and down the drain..

    good story ehh?...did you fall asleep yet?...go nite nite wittle baby!

    whats with babies being so small?...why cant we start out big and just shrink dow to the size of babie as we got older?...wouldn't that just be much more convenient? imagine how much space/time/money funerals and burials would save!

    milk is comprised of at least 2% puss..and .5 percent crude kidney siftings(AKA urine)..milk..only does baby bodies good...after that its just plane fucking sick..

    "hey! Ive got a great idea! about we collect the liquid that comes outof the bodies of another mammal and then drink it!...WONT THAT BE HEALTHY AND GOOD FOR EVERYONE UNDER THE SUUN!?

    im off to see the wizard..the wonderful wizard of oz....

    yom kippur is on the 15th and 16th of september! mark your calendars!..SHALOM!
  2. That was indeed a very entertaining post. It did amuse my 2 brain cells tonight. LOL. It kinda reminded me of a manic rampage but entertaining none the less. I never liked aftershock very just burns too bad if it has to come back up.

    And I always wanted to be president. But there are too many incriminating pics floating around of me. I'm just waiting for them to surface as I type this. I'm still sticking to the story that they aren't me........the pics are really my evil twin sister that doesn't have any morals. LOL.
  3. funny stuff NuBBiN, i'm coming down from my buzz and that got me going again. Damn its 4:38am i should get some sleep.... naaa.
  4. You gotta love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You just gotta!
  5. I dare not reply until later this eve whence im more drunk
  6. booya

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  7. Thankyou nubbin for your kind suggestion that I should take control of US police. I would be delighted to move there IF YOU were president. Although our police don't carry guns they do carry CS gas and ASP battons. My first thing to do in the job would be to replace cs with cannabis smoke grenades- that get people very mellow when subjected to their smoke. Then we just play LOVE ME TWO TIMES by the doors and people start makin peace- not beating each other up and shooting each other. The police will also be ordered to use one of these cannabis smoke grenades on the general public per week. I would replace the batons with REAAALLY BIG DOOBIES.

    The wealfare system would be an ounce a week- get people the munchies and then they HAVE to go out and work so that they can get lots of cheese and chocolate!!! But that's nothing to do with police so erm....

    AFTERSHOCK KICKS ARSE WE DRINK IT AS OFTEN AS WE CAN!!! Have you tried snakebite lateley Nubbsy?
  8. oh btw "Tory" is a nickname for the members of the conservative party. CONSERVATIVE PARTY MEMBERS ARE (ON THE WHOLE) TOTAL ARSEHOLES WHO CARE ONLY FOR THE RICH AND WHITE- FUCK THEM -FUCK THEM IN THEIR STUPID ARSES!!!! No offence to tories...
  9. umm well i like having guns though man, if all the guns where taken from the cops, there would still be outlaws with guns that could then take the country over. Whut about all the city gangs, first they would have to get rid of guns before the police could put theres down. Theres to many people on this world though, a lot of them need to get shot. No matter whut happens to the laws nobodys taking my guns damnit.
  10. You don't need guns... you should just have ARU's (armed response units) like we do in UK. They have guns and fucking just use them when they have to. What do you need a gun for? Think about it. If you can't get a gun then neither can most criminals. So there.

    Oh and if the police have those cool air tazers than even people with guns could be subdued without killing em. The right to have guns is just a relic of the american revolution and is not needed. GET RID!
  11. *slowly backing away from NuBBiN*


    i agree, we all love ya NuBBiN thanks for the entertainment!!
  12. Switch i understand what your saying, but it wouldn't work. There are so many guns already on the streets, if you quit making and selling guns it wouldn't matter there still fucking everywhere. And a lot of them are illegal and can't be tracked down, so if you passed some messed up law and criminalise guns, every gun that can be tracked down will be taken off the streets, so the only people with guns would be people that don't care about taking your life. A lot of americans hunt (that includes me), and i don't think they should loose that right. I own a rifle and a shotgun, there both hand me downs from family members, and i'd never give them up for anything, if some government bitch came to my house trying to take them i'd have to fight them off with everything i had.
  13. IVE HAD AFTERSHOCK BEFORE!! was christmas eve, i yelled happy birthday jesus at the moon...both of them...and then had sex with the evil ex on her couch while her sister walked around cleaning the room...under a blanket of course, no, the sister wasnt cleaning her room under a blanket, we had sex under a blanket ont he couch...and then i threw up, not under the blanket on the couch, but in the toilet.then we passed out together, not in the toilet, but on the couch under the blanket, it was sweet.

  14. What wa sweet Norman? The puke under the blanket or in the toilet. And did the aftershock make the puke sweet?? Hell I'm confused!!!

    And why choose ford trucks for the republican party. I drive a ford truck and don't want to be considered a republican. I don't go to shop in strip malls at the Old NAvy store nor do I go to movies in the megeloplex 36 movie cinema like all the other fat, stupid and lazy republicans that I see wallowing out of the malls.

    And if we outlaw guns can we still have bullets? I carry a piece of a bullet with me at all times in my leg from when I was a kiddie and had the idea to hit a bullet with a hammer.

    Switch as the head cop is a great idea. Maybe he would outlaw Kia mini-vans and make their drivers get really short haircuts and move to Utah and convert to Mormons and marry 5 women.


  15. I wouldn't wanna know how aftershock felt coming burns going guessing it probably does the same coming up...

    ok bpp...we can switch them around.....the cougar can be for the republicans..because theyre pussies and the ford trucks can be for the democrats..or greens..or torys..or whatever the hell you are bpp...

    and no...when i outlaw guns...bullets will be the first to go...I will send men in black suits over to you house to "extract" the bullet from your body...(BTW..that made me laugh my ass the fuck do you come to the conclusion that anything good would come from hammering a bullet?)

    and if switch outlaws kia minivans..then Ill be forced to reinstate prohibition..and we all know how switch would feel about that....damn alkyholic

  16. First off some don't like butt sex like me because it hurts there little butts and in absolutly no way feels good. Nobody likes a ripped rectum.

    Second I could not agree more on the milk thing. adults don't drink breast milk, why do they think a cows is any less grody to drink?
  17. see girlie..but how do you know you'e biased because you went about doing it wrong?.....

    and yes..milk is the devil....pure..lactose hell
  18. BPP: the passing out drunk together was sweet, in a south arkansas sorta way, and no the throw up was wretched, but, it didnt burn cuz it was watered down by two coors light, three DNA's, and two more fuzzy navel wine coolers.

    and no, i dont want to put my lil whoadie in somebodies poop chute...also, milk is good, but only with oreos

  19. I couldn't imagine why somebody would puke by drinking Coors Light, DNA, and fuzzy navel coolers. What did you wash that down with? a side order of greasy chittlins and a warm glass of mayonaise???

    I bet it reminds 420girlie of a nice evening of toe sucking and kissing. ;)
  20. bpp...he was drinking aftershock..its a hard liquer that tastes like those "hot tamale" candies or a reall strong cinnamon taste...

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