Sasquatch rosin press

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  1. So I am seriously considering plunking down 4 grand for this thing. I have about 8lbs of fine, fine trim (no leaves just the final closest frostiest next to bud stuff) mixed with shake and popcorn burning a hole in my pocket. My question is has anyone used a real machine like this on similar product? If so what are the yields gonna be like? I can only seem to find people using a hair straightener or some other gerry rigged method, and they are only getting 5% returns from that way of doing it. It is much less appealing if that is all I am gonna be able to squeeze out of it.

    I have a full freezer of edibles so I can't make any more of them, I literally don't have any more room. I also have the sugar leaves/larger leaves separated and about 3lbs of that for when I do actually have the space to store more.
  2. If you have any mechanical ability look up how to make a rosin press online. it's not that complicated and would cost a couple of hundred bucks to make.
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