Sasquatch Music Festival, Nine inch Nails, and Janes Addiction

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    I attended the Sasquatch Music Festival this last weekend at the Gorge in Washington. Its a 3 day event with a very woodtock'esque feeling. You stay at the campground which is a huge grass field with a city of tents. It's really great. I got to see Nine inch Nails, and Janes Addiction on sunday and it was amazing. Its the most amazing place to see a concert.
    This is the main stage.

    Was anyone else there??
  2. that looks like such a badass place to see a show

    but i'm not a fan of NIN Jane's Addiction lol. Personal preference thing

    that seems like it was a great time though, man
  3. Yea snoop, slightly stoopid, and stephen marley are playing in july

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