Sasquatch Glass Bee Hive Bubbler

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    I have been really stoked to see GrassCity selling nice American glass, even though its a lot more expensive then their China stuff. One brand that caught my eye is the Bee Hive Bubbler by Seattle based Sasquatch Glass, what do you guys think?
    For my blog I recently did a review of this piece. Some of the things that I really love about it are that its made in Seattle where I'm from, the removable downstem makes cleaning as well as upgrading or replacing parts really easy, and the originality of the separate base. The only catch is that its $300.
    So what do you guys think, is the Sasquatch Glass Bee Hive Bubbler worth spending twice as much money on as the GlassCIty Tree Perc Bubbler?

  2. I dig it looks cool, 300 seems a bit too steep for my taste though.
  3. I say yes. Its a pretty quality piece but i think you could get it cheaper on FB.
    I want one of those to dab with, theyre pretty legit!
  4. nah not for 300, just get a SGW waffle or something for that money. Something you know is quality
  5. $300 is a lot for a bubbler but there is nothing like it to compare the price too. I can just imagine myself laying back on the beach, taking a rip and then stabbing my bubbler down into the sand!  :bongin:

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