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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by drifter106, Aug 25, 2014.

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    Thursday 2:00 am

    Spread the oil out today and ended up taking my gram. Breaking it appears to alliviate the stomach issues. Ate well today. Made our last batch (that we have) 2 oz. tonight. Have enough for 4 days + whatever this makes. Just went out and walked a mile (ran 1/2) haven't done that in years. It may have appeared to be a "weird" crawl but I was

    In the back of my my I have this thing that wants to tell me that what I am taking is masking the pain but not doing anything to the cancer....their is always that little bit of Need another test, either C-Scan or (later P-Scan) to really know whats going on. Anyway, sleeping, getting around is so much better and mentally..uh, ups and downs...mostly ups.

    Will see cancer doctor next Wed.
  2. Friday 4/1 3:00 pm

    Have slept extremely well, waking up to bathroom only, will take medicine today probably 5 or six times, smaller amounts seem to work better. Although I did take another dose Thursday morning (to much) and I vomited about a 1/2 later. Very important to keep quantity down per dose.

    Its obvious that when I do take this I get a "high" out of it. It has to be that...fore everything I do and think about during the time I have medicine, well, its just short of incredible. For the past month I have been fixated on Jesus and his Passion. It has been such an enlightening experience. Have spent time investigating the geographic aspect of the Passion as well as what really went down.

    Not here to evangelize, just sharing my experience and what works for me....

    Feel very much at peace with myself, that is important right now....

    for those who want to know some of what I have been following, this is reading that has help me...she is a nun in the early 19th century that had the passion vision.

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  3. please check out Jesus' lost years. talks about his travels abroad and his path of learning from the wise men...

    also read your questioning quote of cannabis oil masking or helping... I've been researching for the last few years and some conclusions as to how is that the oil helps communication @ the cellular level to provide the cell wall with a lipid transference regulator via signaling in the endocannabinoid system. also, the oil can help cancerous cells to cleanly die off ( apoptosis) instead of taking up space by hanging around. the oil simply targets the out of balance cancerous cell to regulate a more homeostasis of balance
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  4. Went to oncologist today appointment was at 1:30

    He interpreted the report saying that I have active cancer in the same location as previously determined there also areas near my hernia surgery where it's active it's also active On the left side of my shoulder neck small area there

    Cancer doctor wants to do a biopsy he's been made aware of my situation and how I feel about it at this point in time..... I told him I'd rather pursue my current method rather Thanchemo.

    Will continue with oil and see what happens until such time I see it's not helping my body in clearing up to cancer.

    In the meantime I have gained access to cannabis oil that has been extracted utilizing CO2. Little bit more expensive but I will purchase individual Graham packettes that dispense considerably easier and more readily than the mythology that I was using .

    From my understanding of the material it has to be heat activated in order for it to work since it was processed with CO2 .

    Feel pretty good more tired then I really want to be but that I think is due in part to not eating, have been drinking BOOST having at least one good meal a day I'm down to 180 pounds still using the water pill though.
  5. Tue April 12th

    After the visit with the onocoloigist his office was to schedule an appointment in KC for a biopsy. This was last Wed. Haven't heard from them yet....went out today to the office (dr is only here on Wed) and they can find no record of any appointment being set up. Will check tomorrow....

    Today I went and had accupunture. I am very fortunate....I have been to her before (3 years ago)....she recently returned from China (yes, she is native to China, educated in China and holds a Dr. degree in the country. Based on what I have experienced before, the acupuncture on previous sessions with a different purpose in mind.. At that time I was doing 1 session every 2 weeks and not I did not have successive acupuncture done each time.

    Her focus is to have 3 sessions a week for a total of 10 actually days. She indicates this is ONE regiment.


    The acupuncture itelf was done in and around the tumor, prior to the session the tumor was very firm hard and definitely distinguishable. Tender to the touch in certain areas....

    The area that was done lost its hardness, very obvious, you could see in my veins, especially in my hands where the vessels were stimulated allowing for better blood flow and oxidation in the circulatory system. From previous experience the effects were finite.....however, using her 10 treatment she indicates that the cancer tumor will be reduced and possibly eliminated.

    Will it work????? Some people would say the cannabis oil is nothing more than chasing a pipe dream. For me, my head is ok with it, still have major emphsis on the oil and if this helps, hey all the better.

    MY goal...control the cancer with out using chemo or doing the T-cell transplant, and I know that will probably be what the onocologist suggests. Come on P-scan (in another 2 weeks) lets see how much this puppy has shrunk.
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    May 3rd 2:30 pm

    Went to radiologist last week in KC...took a biopsy on the left side of my neck (didn't go very deep). They told me to call next week (my cancer doctor). Called today, no answer. Wife seems to be more concerned than me, she is worried about my lack of breathe (fluid on lung). No big deal for me right now.

    Will not be able to get the back fixed until this is cleared up. The back is what is really holding my health back. Sleeping in a bed, taking fluid pills when needed. Today I put sealer on the deck. I know probably shouldn't have but it needed to be done. Sleeping very good....which brings to mind something else.

    I have been taking acupuncture. It has been helping, tremendously!!!!!!

    Have been getting them for sleep and other things....bottom line....she puts one in each works.. PERIOD.

    Other things have been happening...VERY GOOD this is turning into a diary of sorts I will probably come back and write about whats happening. Truly amazed when I read and found out information as it pertains to "the dark night of the soul".

    Right now, the cancer thing....don't fret about it, more important things that involve ME and MYSELF.

    Will post when the results of biopsy are in.

    Have been taking the oil (probably not quite a gram a day) but I feel comfortable with this and with what I have and what I will get we should have enough for the 60 grams.

    The vomiting....was my body reacting to the stress AND lack of sleep that I wasn't getting (operator error).

    Looking back....the cancer developing in my body was the BEST thing to ever happen to me and my family and the relationship I have with Jesus.
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    June 1st 3:00 am

    up to date facts: Have had 2 bioposies, left neck and right groin (groin lymph node was removed) revealed the non-hodgkin lymphoma (sp) (BOTH BIOPSIES WERE NON-HODGKINS LYMPHOMA)

    incision on groin has had some problems leaking fluid and swelling (was told normal)
    nausea has been a problem but switched to steroids for a week and things are better

    still taking the accuputure (had a week off) this is NOT killing the cancer but I honestly think it is helping to get my body to a point where it work the way it was intended.

    recieved the RSO and some vapor pen capsules to help with pain AND they help with the appetite (that is really a big thing here so I can keep my energy level up). Try to Walk a mile a day (usually early morning 2 or 3 am)

    getting good sleep tumor in chest is causing no discomfort ( back is still the problem but the vap pen helps)

    cutting back on the pain pills is very noticable ( bowel movements much better)

    Received the medical grade RSO.....they put 24 grams (all we could get at this time...will bring my total usage to 54 grams) in a large mason jar?????? Put 8 grams in a rubber half moon container. This batch is more fluid (runny) than what I made. Taste is NOT as strong, have less trouble getting it down and digested. GOTTA HAVE FOOD IN THE STOMACH.

    Plan is to take PSCAN after consumption of RSO and then see where we stand

    This week has been the best week I have had in over 2 years....SO much to be thankful for!!
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  8. It has been a long time since I posted but for some they probabaly want to knon what has tajkn place. Rigjht now I am in complete remssion, unfortunately it had nothing to do with cannabis. If anything the cannabis continued to allow the tumor togroww (it got up to 8 inches...towards the end It was affecting my right kidney. Another week or two and I really would have been in trouble. They used different types of chemo to shrink the tumor as much as they oould then I did a transplant using my youngest sons cel/s. That is what killed the cancer...I have some other problems, fjulid seeping into my lungs causing shortness of breathe and my arthritis, they can't do anything with it right now. I am taking a lot of hydrocodone to help for pain 30 mg a day and have become addictive to them but them them for the pain. go up tomorrw to have the lungs scrapped (if they can do it). Long story short, the cannabis did NOT help control my tumor , wasted time, momey...time was the big thing cause it allowed the tumor to grow...dam near killed my self because the tumor go so big and was start to afftedt other organs. A few weeks and to probably would of been over. Those people using cannabis I hope it helps you. I didn't help me.
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  9. Well its been a while since I have been on here....have thought about it several times but didn't do anything. But for some they are probably wondering how things have turned out. To make it short and sweet, I dam near died in Aug of 2016. The tumor had grown around my right kidney and in a couple of more weeks I would of been in big trouble.

    First off.....the cannnabis did NOT help with my tumor. I was taking some very strong chit and it did make me comfortable but it didn't do anything to the tumor. I ended up doing different chemo treatments. would have to change to something else after a couple of times because the cancer would become "immune" to it, the chemo would not really do anything. Finally in April of 2017 I did a t cell transplant from my son and a heavy dose of chemo. Since last October I have been cancer free. Will take another MRI in April and a bone marrow test to see if it is still in remission. The cancer Dr. seems to think I have this thing whipped for a while. From April even up to now life has been tough. I get so tired and I am weak...they say it will take a year or 2 to get my strength back. Go to cancer center ever 2 weeks and they check my blood. Starting to get my baby shots again for they were wiped out with the last dose of chemo. Chemo has done a job on my teeth and my body still suffers from arthritis.....will probably go to vapor pen later as my numbers get back to normal to help my arthritis. Have a hernia to take care of and get my teeth worked on now that I am stronger. It has been a rough and tough rode but sad to say the cannabis didn't work for me for this. I am a very lucky man and thank God every day for saving my life. He made me and this a game changer.

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  10. I am so grateful for you, I just read your entire thread through before first to last post for best history and I was praying so hard for you and your family the entire way through that you would take the chemo and I wasn't going to be reading bad news at the end of this thread. Chemo has saved so many of my patients, some of my family, chemo is a God send; these "naturalists" really don't know what we have and how it saves people.

    I don't believe that marijuana therapies are anywhere near where they need to be for someone to forego our advanced and complex modern chemo treatments. I have watched a lot of people die doing the natural route, it kills me; statistics prove that your chances of death from cancer can be as high as 5-10x higher when you refuse chemo. The research on marijuana's cancer killing abilities are limited, the forms it has shown effects on are limited, the effects can be limited.

    Congratulations, so much, I am so very happy for you and your family.
  11. the thing that got the cancer was my youngest son's T cells. They ate my immune system up along with the cancer. I now have his immune system. With the chemo alone, the lymphoma would of come back in less than a had become very aggressive as the doctors called it. Yes the chemo helped but the transfusion is what kick the cancer in the ass. I hope it stays away for at least 5 Without the transplant the lymphoma came back in 2016 when I thought I had it in remission. Didn't take long for it to come back. Doctors say that lymphoma has a unique way of hiding in your system.
  12. Yes your doctors are definitely right. Immune cell based cancers like this can be very nuisance in their survival, chemo often can kill off the cancer cells amazingly well and for many people they go into remission indefinitely. Children are very good at taking a treatment of flash strong chemo for things like childhood leukemia and living out the rest of their lives problem free. But for others in other bodies, the cancer can persevere through time especially if there's a lot of concurrent factors like other cancers, frequent infections/illnesses, things that force your immune system to work overtime. Even things like stress or just poor general health. All it can take is some bad luck sometimes. Transplants really are just as much an amazing wonder in the process used to kill the cancer and create a healthy immune environment for so many forms of cancers like leukemia and lymphoma.

    I meant no offense or presumption, it seemed like avoiding chemo was the crucial in you treatment and it's just kind of the standard trend which often makes all the difference in the treatment of so many lives. Treatment can be so limited when immune suppressants/cancer killing agents can't be employed in the forms of chemo. It's like refusing antibiotics and wanting some crucial surgery, things can get very risky to where the odds are just too poor to chance. People don't hate transplants or regard them as evil really, but you bring up nasty science unnatural chemical stuff chemo and there you go, you know?

    I hope it leaves you alone forever man, I'm not presuming on your odds, I'm sure you and your PCP have gone over it very well; I'm just the type who would hope for the best impossible odds even in the complete dark if it were all I could do.

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