sarah silverman

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by negligent, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. does anyone else think this chic would be a strange one to fuck... cuz she has some pretty weird humor, haha or if she was ur girlfriend she'd prolly always be sayin some real stupid shit haha, anyone else think this about her or am i jus weird myself
  2. naaa dude, i think she's pretty cute. id do her. yeah i'd definitely do her
  3. neg you're still alive? holy shit its been a while since ive been in this part of the forums and seen you. What up son?!

    She would probably be into some freaky nasty shit, and you'd be hitting her from behind and she'd say something like....... I dunno, you'd probably stop fucking her.
  4. i hate her. she isnt funny.
  5. When I look at her, for some weird reason, I get the impression that her cootchie would smell funky. Maybe it's because her mouth is so filthy, and she has a slight masculinity about her. I don't think she is ugly, she just looks smelly.
  6. Idk I don't find her attractive at all
  7. id hit it and quit it, that bitch is not funny at all
  8. Yeah she looks like a very very nasty girl,but in a good way though.

    I get where yall coming from though,she's a very weird one,my type of people....

  9. yeah, thats basically how I feel. She's attractive in a kinda dirty way.
  10. i'd take a shit on her back, or something
  11. she kinda seems hot but not in a traditional way but at the same moment i look at here and am like why do i like her i dont find her attractive .

    and the garbage that comes out of her mouth is a turn off.

    i dont know its a hard call
  12. Id Fuq Her Goddamned Brainz Out - An I Fuq Nancy Grace Too...
  13. Haha, dude i rarely acutally laugh out loud but this shit made me. + rep

    Ohh yeah, i would Distroy her. Anyway, anywhere, anyhow.
  14. yeah she'd need to be bandaged up when i'm done with her
  15. Yeah I think Sarah Silverman is kinda hot, something about her personality that I like I dunno.

    She does have a horse face though, if you ever see the side profile its an uncanny resemblance.
  16. I always thought she was very Peggy Hill-esque.

    IDK, but id hit it, why not.
  17. no way not even if i got paid too, shes not funny hardly pretty and i dont even know why comedy central gave her another season! the only redeeming quality is that in bed with her you could proably do some freakey crazy stuff!
  18. she's not hot, and she's not funny, so basically she's useless

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