Santafarian...What do people think of this?

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  1. Man, somebody mentioned Santafarian on another post, and I have just been racking my brain. A problem I have is that I am a Santa that smokes weed, and I never know how to mention this to poeple.

    I want to make Santafarian to mean Santa that smokes weed ( and believes in the theory of unlimited giving)

    Whats cool is I needed a way to seperate myself from the other Santas, but still keep the name. I really like this, and I was hoping to get some opinions.

  2. Me: "you're high as a fucking kite"

    you: "nawww mayneeee"
  3. I am Pastafarian but I would definitely convert to Santafarianism for the cause

  4. holy shit I would LOVE to be a Pastafarian

  5. Its all for a good Clause...Another great line I got from GC...

    Yep, this is what I will be calling myself, and if i ever get the opportunity, I will declare this in court for public records...I am a proud Santafarian...

    That just sounds awesome...
  6. And this is all that would have to believe in...

    That the image of Santa represents unlimited giving, and if you are going to use the image, have it used for charitable deeds. That it is pretty much it, and the idea that marijuana is viewed with an open mind.

    A Santafarian will not be measured by their beards, but by their hearts. ( I was on the Rastafari website just now, and saw this line in relation to dreads...I think it is perfect)

    A Santafarian understands that they own the image of Santa, and can be creative as they want to be. From the tundra of Canada, to the beaches of Rio, Santafarians know how to adapt Santa to their own environment to benefit society.

    A Santafarian could be just about anybody. From the guy who grows out his beard and dyes it white to make the world smile, to the Pornstar who is using her skills to raise money for STD research.

    Is there something I am missing as to why I think the American public, as well as the global one, would not support the Santafarians?

    If someone sees something that I don't, please let me know. Thanks
  7. is there a new meaning to the word santa or something?

    seems to me theres 2 people on here that confuse me:

    the dude who thinks hes a centaur, and the OP, who i guess thinks is santa or something.

    btw your name is sandaclause lol. not santaclause.
  8. Most retarted thing I've ever heard. Santa is for KIDS. KIDS ages 6-14 don't need to know about getting high. Come on man have some common sense.
  9. Other people don't seem confused as you, but these are the people that have asked questions...

    I was given the name Sand a Claus while in Aruba during a Beach tennis event...I liked the name, and the idea of introducing a heathier version of Santa on the beach...Its what I have spent the last few years working on...I am not not sure why you are so confused, especially when you liked the idea of turning reality TV into a charity fuckfest...

    LOL!! I am a sane guy trying to do somethign completely crazy for the good of the community...Its tough, but what isn't in this world.
  10. Honestly, what makes you think you are more of an expert than I am when it comes to how Santa is being used? Are you for real?

    I smoke marijuana because I suffer from epilepsy, an illness that at times can be unbearable. I have done this Santa thing better than anybody, and will put my work and my views up against anybody in the world...I am not saying this because I am bragging, I am saying this because it is the truth...Its why I am trying to do something completely impossible.

    Santa is not just for kids 6-14 ( actually, I know what you are trying to say, but you have the ages wrong)...Santa is for adults, 18-40 year old demographic...Now, you can sit here and say no, having no experience whatsoever...

    And what makes you think I would have Santa teaching kids about getting high? I mean, is that something you have seen me write, or do you just assume people that smoke weed encourage children to smoke? If I was taking heart medicine, like a lot of these other Santas do, would I be teaching the kids to take that drug? Why should marijuana be any different?

    I have to be open about my marijuana use because I want to help sick people get better...If this is your criticism of me, i would ask if you had any better ideas that would allow Santa to be turned into a tool for charity...They did it with the color pink, so they can do it with Santa...
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    Hahahahahahahah yeah let's stick a joint in barbies mouth while where at it.
  12. ... lol ok, of course the ones who asked you what your name was about aren't confused, how would I know that off the bat bro?

    And how would I even have a clue about you trying to turn santa clause into some sort of health icon on the beach or whatever.

    no offence, but you seem to just assume everyone knows what your doing and why, its not that obvious lol.

    I'm not doubting anything your saying lol, its just a bit strange for me. Sounds like some sort of prank.

    And you see, different people have different viewpoints.
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    The key to being a better tool for charity is to stop being such a tool
  14. this santa obsession is border line unhealthy

    if you put all this energy into something equally helpful and less ridiculous, you could really get some shit done
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    That was gonna be my next post.
  16. It used to be an unhealthy obession, and it cost me a lot...I am not going to lie. The experiences I had as Santa were really powerful, and got to see something really cool. The fact I never made any money, and only did it for the smiles...Well, you can't fault me for than, can you?

    This is the only place I talk about Santa Economics, and based on the reactions I have gotten from a few people, know I am onto something. Turning Santa into a tool for charity is a great idea, especially considering the charities are really hurting...

    So, the complaint you guys have is with me...That is fine, which I why I post Santa Economics on here...You guys think you can do this better than me based on a couple of things I have written. Well, please, do it better than me. Because once this gets done, I can get on with my life...Until then, I will keep posting, believing that good people come onto this site and are interested in my work, which while crazy, is full of good intentions.

    By the way, Imbaked. What job is equal than helping to redefine the image of Santa, and trying to transfer a good portion of that money to the charities? What are you workign on that is equal to this?
  17. i just don't think trying to change the way an icon like Santa is seen is really plausible, unless you're Coca-Cola.
    i'm all for what you're doing as far as the charity goes. but all this effort to change an image seems like effort that could be put into proper fund raising events or what have you.
    and Santa will always be seen as a seasonal thing.
    Santa just seems too limited and the time it would take to change his image and limitations seems like time that could be put to better use for these charities you want to support.

    i just think if you kept your intentions and lost the Santa, you'd be on to something. but who the fuck am i, right?
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    dude... Your nuts. Definantly...
  19. Honestly, that is the idea...
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    So your going to be a weed smoking crazy Santa? Good luck with that

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