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Santa came early! Purple Urkel - Oakland, MI

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by birdouttahell, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Really strong smell, the buds look perfect. 5 hits out of the bubbler and I lost the ability to speak

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  2. That is beautiful... how much did you get? I've been dry for a month... I need just one hit...
  3. Shit looks fire ... Maybe it can give a mute person the ability to speak aha :gone:
  4. Very nice nug. Only had the chance to try Purple Urkel once, but it was definitely one of my favorite strains. The smell was INCREDIBLY grapey.
  5. Looks dank man. Just picked up a similar halfie of dank purps friday. Blaze one for me :smoking:
  6. Grabbed a q for 85, I was originally just going to grab an 8 but when I saw what my guy was rocking out with I had to get more
  7. that looks too nice man
  8. Damned doom nation
  9. So sexy! Love good purp.
  10. Rolled a purple ass joint last night, it tasted like pure Christmas. Didn't even have to doctor it because it stuck perfectly
  11. looks like it was grown well, some purple strains are good yeilding and hard to mess up in general, bet it's very purpley smelling! now about losing the ability to speak, i'm not quite sure if a strain so far on the indica side is going to do that to you unless you have never smoked before.
  12. I hate to bump such an old thread, but i recently got what is allegedly purple urkel, what is purple urkel supposed to smell/taste like because i want to know if what i have  is legit.

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