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SanDiegoDank Pick-up Platinum OG Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sandiegodank, May 12, 2011.

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    Hey you guys. In about 4 hours I will be picking up a quarter for 70. I usually pay about 110 for the quarter. I really do believe this is the prettiest bud. When I pick it up i will post pictures. Trust me you are going to want to see this shit. Most of the dealers ive been going to have not been fair. This guy though is a guy ive known since 5th grade. Hes a really chill guy and doesent pinch or anything. Later

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  2. ayo groove, dont put all ur trust in one person, spread it out, people of many different walks of life have different mind sets and not one person has the same, expect the worse but hope for the best, stay green keep puffn and keep ur mouth shut and ur trap open groove
  3. you better come back and share with us!
  4. pictures dont serve it ...sometimes up with my colors
  5. I will try and get better pics up
  6. I would roll the fuck outta that yum.
  7. Rolled a fat jay and ripped a bowl. About to wake n bake
  8. looks like some fine dank man. But why does your dealer charge you so much... especially in Cali... gotta love how everyone East of the Mississippi thinks that you guys get the best deals but in reality some of you get just as good of deals as us if not worse... these days i wouldn't pay over $80/q... just bought 10.5g of SLH the other week for $100 :smoke:

    I guess your only choice is to just smoke it and be happy :p
  9. #9 sandiegodank, May 13, 2011
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    Well to be honest I think 70 bucks for the quarter (7.5 g) is a very good deal. Its at 10 a g. Most people here in san diego pay 15 a g.
  10. o no i love the 70/q price that's my price usually. But you said you usually have to pay $110... which is too much $ IMO. I wasn't bashing your price haha... considering i used to pay 25/half eighth :eek:
  11. #11 sandiegodank, May 13, 2011
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    Ohh now i get what you meant. Yea those prices are ridiculous! At least we dont live in japan where its like 50 a g. Haha or is it china?
  12. probably both! haha. And it isn't dank either... from what ive seen at least :p
  13. Yea probally really dirty.. Those little Bruce Lee street gangs pushing the herb.

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