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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Resin Chamber, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. theres some major bullshit around pasadena theres this head shop called 'sanctuary', but they wont let kids under 18 enter. Its cool for me, but i didnt know that, and when i tried to bring my friend in there, they asked him to leave. Now, if they're selling their shit as 'tobacco' smoking wares, then why the hell should my friend have been asked to leave. Also, the guy said he could get 3 years in federal prison if he was caught with underage kids in there...but if he's only selling 'tobacco' shit....

    whats up with that..
  2. Did you miss the whole big law that was passed saying that it's now illegal to smoke tobacco if you're under 18?

  3. what are you talking about..i thought it was only illegal to buy tobacco if ur under 18...
  4. hmmm, I know you cant buy it, but I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to smoke it if you're under 18 anymore

  5. ..weak...
  6. nah of course it's legal for minors to's illegal to sell tobacco or tobacco paraphenilia to minors tho...

  7. yeah, thats what i thought the law about this, is it illegal for a minor to be in a store that sells tobacco?..i mean..what about supermarkets or drug stores, they sell tobacco and stuff..
  8. Where did you ever hear that minors were allowed to smoke? This was taken from some governmentwebsite, dunno which one..too high to care..:
    Possession and/or purchase of tobacco by minors prohibited
    No minor under eighteen years of age shall purchase, attempt to purchase, or possess any cigar, cigarette or tobacco in any of its forms.

    just thought that would clear things up

  9. I guess it has something to do with "primary store purpose". Supermarkets' have food as their primary purpose. Drug stores have perscription medicine as their primary purpose and a tobacco shop would have tobacco as primary purpose, and with tobacco possession by anyone under 18 illegal, may ask that those under 18 not enter the store. Same thing happens with liquor stores too.

    If some one gets caught selling to someone underage, they could lose their business. And when a head shop closes, it sucks for a lot of people.
  10. what if you were under 18 and wanted to buy some rolling papers.... i dont think its illegal for minors to buy papers....
  11. it's illegal for minors to buy papers, cigarettes, cigars,'s also illegal for them to posess any of the above. trust me, i got busted last year in school for posession of tobacco and rolling papers. the cop told me "papers, huh? now either you can rip them up right here or i can write up a citation."

    so basically you dont go to jail if you get busted with these things but you do get a pretty hefty fine ($110 or 8 hours of comm. service)

    now about the headshop....we have quite a few shops up here and they dont say people under 18 aren't allowed in. however they did say that he wasnt allowed to look at the pipes (they have shirts and stuff too).

  12. around here, you often have to buy cigs/tobbacco to buy papers (though they're not strick about it cause i don't smoke but i buy papers all the time). you have to be 18 to buy, its not illegel to smoke them. but we also have strick tobbacco laws in that everywhere is smoke free - even the streets in some towns.

    also, stores that sell food or drugs can't sell tobbacco products. that's why loblaws and the superstore have smoke shops just outside the door :)

  13. hehe, I;ve been frequenting the same headshop since I was 15, now I'm 20.
  14. here they give tickets if they see a minor smoking tobacco

    i dont really care though seeing as how i never do it
  15. say what nobody gives a shit about cigs here. i had friends smoking cigs at 13 and 14 and no cops or anybody did anything. im in a class called Pig or participation in government and we just clarified that its illegal to buy under 18 but not to smoke.
  16. It depends state to state. In Mass, you cant buy dick if youre not 18, but you can technically blow smoke into a cops face and he cant do anything about it. A lot of places around here though will sell you anything as long as you look old enough, including alcohol.

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