Sanctions ARE WMDs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by yurigadaisukida, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Why do so many people still support sanctions in this day and age?

    Gues who sanctions hurt? The people. NOT the governments.

    Millions of kids die from starvation and illness thanks to sanctions. Even more civilians have died in tje middle east, then in japan during WWII.

    How can a country say weapons of mass destruction are bad, but then turn around and use even more sinister meathods to fuck civilians up?

    Sabctions are war crimes. Period

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  2. Amen brother. 
  3. sanctions only work assuming that the government being sanctioned gives a shit about their people. it is demonstratably obviously no government especially the ones being sectioned actually give a shit about other people.
    Economic warfare is the 3rd world war of our time. This tactic really does kill more people than guns alone.
  6. Johnny has it mostly right.
    But sanctions do hurt the economy of government too. :smoke:
  7. Well I'll be damned! We actually agree on something... would ya look at that.
  8. Unless its Israel, right guys?
  9. No sanctions, just cut them off from all the foreign welfare we are giving them. Fucking mooches.
  10. not buying it. youre using sanctions as a metaphor, which is completely unfair. 
  11. no. Israel shouldnt be sanctioned either.
    As i said. Sanctions are wmd's
    Iran shouldnt impose sanction either.

    Civilians should be free to trade wothout mafia consent

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  12. explain.

    Sanctions result in tje deaths of millions by blocking trade of food and medicine
    Its even worse than a wmd because its more like biological warfare. Its kills slowly and painfuly on a massive scale

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  13. i agree with you that sanctions have the potential to cause what youre describing, and often times do. i would attribute that more to the respective government however, not the sanctions themselves. to go a step further and label them as wmds based on a metaphor is another thing entirely. the two arent even comparable to me.
  14. Why not? Its a provable fact that millions of kids starved to death as a direct reault of not having access to food because of sanctions

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