san pedro psychedelic cactus

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  1. whats up with this cactus do you smoke it, eat it .. drink it .. whats up with it .. has anyone tried it .. they say its legal and it sounds cool to get high off cactuss haha
  2. I dont know a whole lot about this. But aint that where mescaline comes from? Im pretty sure its illegal
  3. Peyote is mesacline, no?
  4. yea, i think mescaline comes from peyote, like heroin from opium... i think...
  5. Mescaline occurs in more than just the Peyote Cactus. It also appears in the Peruvian Torch cactus. It might be in the San Pedro - I'm not sure.
  6. it comes in different cactuses, the trichereus or some bullshit cacti have it peyote peruvian torch san pedro, you can get plants and cuttings and seeds on ebay
  7. San pedro cactus is legal to own, but if you extract the mescaline from it, its a felony.

    preparing a trip:

    Dose: 6-12" of a 3" diameter cutting

    Throw it all in a food processor. liquify.

    Boil it in a pot with 1 cup of water and the juice of 2 lemons to start. Boil for 3-6 hours, adding water as needed.

    Strain out the gloop in a shirt or other cloth. squeeze it real good.

    you should end up w/ about 1-2 cups worth of liquid.

    the liquid is pretty foul tasting, but the lemons really help. It also helps if the drink is really freaking cold.

    Expect to start feeling things in the second hour after drinkin.

    have fun.
  8. i have a san pedro as my pic... its my san pedro too.

    the legal cacti have mescaline as their psychoactive ingredient. peyote does NOT come from mescaline or the other way around like heroin does.

    there are differences between peyote and mescaline. like when using peyote you get sick more violently then mescaline. peyote is also stronger and doses are more predictable.

    the san pedro cactus and peruvian torch are legal as ornamental cacti. as soon as you start cutting/drying/eating/boiling/preparing in any way it becomes an illegal act you misguided youth you. lol
  9. that's awesome .. is it unhealthy tho .. like is it as bad as heroin and stuff for your body or is it innofensive ???

    cuz if its as bad as heroin and all that ima neva ganna try that shit but if its not bad .. like weed is then ill buy some and make some cactus juice haha:hello:

  10. haha, i stand corrected. thanks for the info bud :D
  11. who said herion is bad for you? hahha just kidding, dude your fine i promise, the only negative aspect is you might lose your mind. whoa.

  12. no problem... its a common misconception because of the way that mescaline is found in cacti with and without peyote. some people believe they are the same but that just one of em is stronger. i never bought into that because it never made sense to me why one cactus would have both if it was a stronger version of it.
  13. Actually, peyote is not a chemical but a plant, named by the natives that harvested and dried the buttons off of the peyote plant. Although mescaline is the main phychoactive substance within peyote many more may exist thus the difference you have described between peyote and other mescaline baring cacti like the peruvian torch, and san pedro.

    EDIT: And although I am no "Scientist" I have had experiance with both peyote buttons and 1 foot San Pedro cutting. The San Pedro is a far more attractive and recreational experience (my dosage anyhow) and the peyote was definately a more disasotiative trip, more like acid or shrooms.

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