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  1. Here's my source (they're having one of those buy one/two get one free deals now so you better get on it!):

    Live Plants - All Cacti are on Sale!!!

    Here's my guide to preparing the San Pedro into Mescaline:

    Erowid Cacti Vaults : San Pedro Preparation

    And here's some threads with helpful info on Mescaline:

    Ive never done it but plan on ordering some San Pedro when I get my first pay check Thurs.
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  3. Do you have any experiences with it? Im only asking because Ive never done it yet. But either way, thanks for the helpful link. I'll definitely bookmark it and consider it.

    You should check the link I provided to my source for San Pedro, they have a whole bunch of buy 2 get 1 free and buy 2 get 1 free deals going on now for the same price as your source, so you should take advantage.:)

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    no i haven't. not yet. this week though. haha.

    but, the way i look at it is it take supposedly 3.5 hours to do. so if you do mess up and have to start over you can repeat it right away and possibly be done in one evening, instead of taking several days to know the end result. having who knows how much of a mess around for however long. at least the first time you do it, do the most simple thing so you can get a good idea of it before delving into in depth ones. but that's just how i planned on doing it.

    and i think i will check out that link, i plan on ordering some more cacti soon; after i extract this. i got 10 6 inch cuttings, i hope it's enough to get a decent amount. they should be coming this week i suppose, and as soon as i get them i'm going to get to work.


    however i was toking a bubbler while i typed that, and i think i had a pretty good idea. maybe since we're both planning on doing the same thing, we can do different teks, document how we did it, what products we used, then ate an identical dose and compared experiences.
  5. Not to overlook your extraction guide you found, but erowid's in my opinion is easier to do, and only a little longer[around 4-6 hours]. I like erowid's more mainly because you don't need much to do it, and it's more ritualistic that way IMHO.

    Thanks for both your guides and websites though, I bought 5 10-12" cactus's so wish me luck :]. I should have some enjoyable experiences in my future. :ey:

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