San Jose, Bay Area, NORCAL stoners?

Discussion in 'General' started by CHRISTINETPHAM, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]If you are, let's go burrrn one. It's fun meeting new people... hah.:smoke:

    Anyone smoked with someone you met off of grasscity and how was it? I know some that have, they said it's pretty chill hah.
  2. im from way up north in cali, the TRUE norcal. reppin the 530
  3. daly city babyyyy

    if any heads are going to the emarosa/dancegavindance show at slims wednesday pm me if you want to join me smoke b4 the show =D
  4. hey whassup..nor-cal all day!! =) thanks for lookin at my buds..we should smoke em!! haha..u got myspace?
  5. i stay in fairfield now but im from VALLEJO.
  6. Vallejo represent :) Although i'm not in scary vallejo, have a house in the burbs
  7. Reppin the Dirty 530 as well, but only for school. I'm a 916 by heart and birth, but currently in the 805 lol.
  8. HUMBOLDT 707
    805 for life hometown
  9. berkeley.. cuz i'm a smart stoner.
  10. Dude what part of the 805 you from, Slo County or SB?
  11. going to an e-40 concert on Sat!! bay area!! ha. i live in LA now. Don't know how many times i've gotten in arguments for saying "hella." i've actually stopped saying it now. took probably 2 years to kick the habit.

    way off topic.

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