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San Francisco Cannabis Clubs

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Bobmarleyo21, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Discuss your favorite or top San Francisco Cannabis Clubs here.:hello:

    Some of my favorites are Grass Roots, they always have a great selection of strains with a wide range of prices usually between $40-$60 an 8th. A 10% discount if you spend $50 or more. They usually throw in free edibles too:D
    Vapor Room always a great club because you can smoke in it and use their Volcanoes or bongs. All $50 8ths and $15 grams but great bud.
    Green Door great prices all $45 8ths.
    Went to the Market Street co-op last week and they have the most amazing prices on 8ths. $16-$48! I picked up an 8th for $27 of O.G. G-13 and it's pretty good for costing $27.

    Tell your favorite SF clubs and discuss if you want:bongin:
  2. #2 weedandbombs, Nov 18, 2009
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2009
    I've had some from Green Cross that was pretty good - and I love their website. But since I'm not in SF, have to drive up and call and sit on a side street and wait for the little smart car to pull up.

    Also, I'm curious - does anyone know of any dispensaries in the South Bay, or at least closer to the South Bay?
  3. i went to green door last week and pick up a couple 8ths of some awesome dank. i got some rice krispie treats that kicked my ass.
  4. green door is cool. kinda a weird location though. i was sketched the fuck out by a couple dudes there once.

    mr nice guy is bad. the weed is junk and the people there are assholes.

    green cross is nice. some good deals, and their good weed is BOMB. my friend got some killer gdp that was dark as night
  5. The vapor room is dope but i think it has some sort of criminal involvement. I would say the Green Cross is the best of the frisco clubs and there is one shady place kind of near the fillmore that has ok weed but only like three strains at a time and some sketch ass dudes who work there
  6. I have always heard the green cross is good but I have never bought from them because its only delivery.
  7. That's why you meet them somewhere. They'll deliver to you in a car on the street even.
  8. I like to go to the clubs and check out all the strains and sniff them and stuff i am picky about my weed strains haha:p
  9. went to a couple clubs a couple days ago
    The market street co-op has some chronic nugs for $21 an 8th. They have the most amazing prices in the bay for the quality of their weed.
  10. check out divinity tree, they have some amazing bud.

    right now medithrive is my choice for everything, 4g eights and prices from 35-60 for 4g.

    current bud is amazing, lots of interesting tasty hybrids. Check out my threads in the stash jar for pics.

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